What is Financial Freedom Anyway?

A personal observation of what exactly financial freedom looks like…
1. Having enough assets and wealth so that the passive income I receive will meet ALL MY NEEDS so that I NEVER NEED do a MINUTE OF WORK if I don’t want to.

2. Earning income from opportunities that genuinely interest me, and being comfortable in saying NO to anything else.

3. Having TIME freedom – being able to arrange my lifestyle to suit ME and MY FAMILY.

4. Collaborating with people I choose, and not dealing with people/opportunities I don’t want to deal with.

5. Being free of any PRESSURE – other than what I impose on myself to attain my goals.

6. Not worrying or caring about what OTHERS THINK of me or whom I might offend.

7. Possessing the ability to create income AT WILL, through Internet Marketing, NOT MANUAL LABOR…to transcend any one business, product, service, non-profit, charitable or political cause.

8. Being THANKFUL and at PEACE for having achieved a lifestyle in which money is NO LONGER AN ISSUE, and giving back in a manner that I so choose.

These aspects are what I believe make up a person who is financially free. And although I not there yet, these principles are what will guide me in my journey to the day where I AM FINALLY FREE.

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