What is critical race theory?

Sourced from https://mashable.com/article/what-is-critical-race-theory

The debate about critical race theory will impact what's taught in classrooms, who wins future elections, and broader culture wars.

Let us, the custodians of the news cycle, be the first to say it: A dense academic theory from the 1970s doesn’t just find its way into the news at random.

That’s another way of saying there’s a reason you’ve likely seen the words “critical race theory” in headlines lately. Critical race theory (CRT) is an analytical framework used by legal scholars to study systemic, institutional racism — but that’s not necessarily how it’s being used in its current spurt in prominence.

In recent months, Republicans have introduced dozens of bills in state legislatures attempting to put limits on what educators can and cannot teach with respect to allegedly “divisive” concepts, many of which concern race. The language of the bills varies slightly,… Read More

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