What Is a Citation vs. a Ticket?

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A popular question you often hear from new drivers and also some seasoned road warriors is ‘what’s the difference between a citation vs. a ticket?’. Additionally, besides just wondering ‘what is a ticket?’ and ‘what is a citation?’, you may be wondering how these may affect your car insurance and your driving record. While the exact answers to some of these questions may vary slightly by where you live, the general concepts are the same across the board.

Is there a difference between a citation and a ticket?

The answer is that a citation and a ticket are the same thing. These are two terms that both refer to getting cited or ticketed for a driving infraction. So, if you get pulled over for speeding and a police officer documents your infraction, you could interchangeably say you received a ticket, or that you received a citation.

Not only are the two terms interchangeable with law enforcement, but the terms mean the same thing … Read More

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