Web-Based Employee Time Clock Software Is the Way to Go

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Keeping track of employee hours is a tedious and time-consuming process that cuts into company productivity. Employee time clock software effectively keeps track of employee hours. Plus, it saves time and money over manually keeping time records.

Web-based clocks have many features and benefits that outperform traditional timekeeping methods. They are also great for businesses of any size and with any workforce style. This is true whether they are in-person employees, remote workers, or a hybrid of both.

Employee Benefits of Web-Based Time Clock Software

Web-based time clock software has several benefits for employees that extend beyond record-keeping for the business. Here are just a few of those benefits:


One of the best features of web-based employee time clock software is the added security. In most cases, each employee will have a unique username and password that they use to punch in or out.

This means that no one else can… Read More

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