Trying to Save Money on Food Costs? Read These 6 Tips

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Here’s a batch of food-related questions from readers: how to spend less on food, how to get more value out of food, and so on. Food makes up one of the biggest flexible parts of a family’s budget, so honing your techniques for getting the most value out of your food dollar is essential.

1. What’s the best curbside pickup grocery strategy?
2. Should I make my own vinegar?
3. How do I cook with a small kitchen?
4. The importance of frozen pizza
5. Navigating school lunches during COVID-19
6. How can I learn to cook better?

6 questions about saving money on food costs
1. What’s the best curbside pickup grocery strategy?

Read your article about grocery and meal planning strategy. If one of the goals is to minimize the time in the store, how does that work with curbside pickup when you’re not in the store? Doesn’t it lose its main benefit?
– Eric

I assume you’re referring to this mea… Read More

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