Top 30 Website Sales Of All Time

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A lot has changed since we first published Top 30 Website Sales Of All Time back in March 2009.

In this, our 2017 update we feature some brand new websites such as and

All 30 website sales have been at valuations of over 1 Billion USD and the largest grossing exit was for 26.2 Billion!

Truly starting a website is still one of the best routes to riches!

If you are planning to sell your website one day then there can be no better advice than to start with the end in mind or as Ryan Allis succinctly puts it:

“You have to work with the end in mind and every day make sure your working towards it”

That last bit is particularly important:

Ask yourself daily – are you working towards your goals?

The entrepreneurs who founded the businesses below are outstanding examples of starting with the end in mind and working towards your goals.

I am inspired, I hope you are too!

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