The best documentaries on Hulu

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B.B. King in 'Summer of Soul'

Seeking a story that’s stranger than fiction but just as fascinating? Then you’ll relish Hulu’s rich collection of documentaries, suitable for every inclination. Whether you’re seeking to uncover hidden histories, shocking true crime tales, deep dives into nature, political journeys, or personal stories that are absolutely outrageous, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the best docs on Hulu streaming now.

1. The Painter and the Thief

This highly acclaimed 2020 documentary has a true-crime hook but a poignant twist, unveiling the bizarre heist that begat an unlikely friendship. It was a sunny day in Oslo, when the titular thief, Karl-Bertil Nordland, strolled into an art gallery and plucked a large painting from the wall before vanishing out the back door. He was caught, but the painting was not recovered. Seeking closure, Czech artis… Read More

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