Rustam Gilfanov’s 6 Key IT Startup Tips You Need to Know

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It is not so difficult to come up with an idea for a IT startup. However, it is challenging to come up with an original idea that would generate demand that people would be willing to pay for.

In this article, IT businessman and investor, Rustam Gilfanov, shares simple methods of testing the idea of almost any IT startup, from a small application to a large software product. No matter how much experience you have and how confident you are in your idea, you should never neglect these six key steps.


1. Conduct Research

The easiest way to research IT startup ideas is to open a search engine and look for information about similar projects. You can even find similar topics on forums or YouTube. Find out whether someone has done this idea before and whether their efforts were successful. If not, check what they did wrong and how you can avoid these types … Read More

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