On Mars, dust gets everywhere and can ruin everything

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Beneath all that dust is one of InSight's solar arrays, which keeps it powered on the surface of Mars.

Mars is dusty. Like, really dusty. And that dust may suffocate NASA’s InSight mission.

InSight sits on the surface of Mars measuring marsquakes and observing the local weather, powering itself with a pair of solar arrays that soak up energy from the sun. Since it landed in November 2018, InSight has been operating for more than 920 sols (Mars days), equal to about 940 Earth days.

That’s seven months longer than its planned two-year mission. In that time, dust has obscured around 80 percent of the arrays, InSight’s principal investigator Bruce Banerdt shared in a presentation on June 21.

The team expects to keep InSight running through the summer, but as that dust keeps piling up, it won’t be able to press on much longer.

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