Nick Offerman simply cannot contain his emotions saying farewell to Conan O'Brien

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Conan O’Brien is wrapping things up on TBS, set to run his final episode of Conan on June 24 after 11 seasons. He’s had more than a few guests on this week to mark the occasion. Paul Rudd dropped by to pull one last Mac and Me gag, and Seth Rogen smoked a joint with the late night show host on live TV, because why not?

But one friend who simply could not contain himself was characteristically deadpan pal of the show Nick Offerman, who dropped by to say his farewell, and whose inability to hold back a melancholy monologue of despair is something you simply must watch.

“This show has meant so much to me, and as you can clearly see, I’ve lost my composure,” he says in classic stoic Offerman form. “Clips of this blubbering spectacle will surely go viral and haunt me, Michael Jordan-like, on the World Wide Web forever.

“My high-pitched caterwauling and decadent simperin… Read More

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