Money Doesn’t Always Answer to Math

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Recently, I got sucked into a random Facebook thread that blew my mind — and not in a good way. The thread, which was started by a journalist in a business-related group I belong to, implored people to share how they planned to spend their tax refund this year. This shouldn’t have been controversial, but it escalated quickly once a few financial planners chimed in.

One in particular shamed the female journalist for even bringing up a tax refund. Financially educated people should never “give an interest-free loan to the government,” he said, adding that people in that particular group should “know better.”

I laughed out loud because, first off, the journalist wasn’t asking for advice on tax refunds; she was asking for personal stories to share in an article she was writing. But, she was a woman, and the amount of mansplaining done by male financial advisors I deal with seems nearly endless. Any time certain financial advisor types see an opportunity to i… Read More

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