Is It Cheaper to Move Out of the City?

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The COVID-19 pandemic is changing many things about the way we live. Thousands of Americans have already fled to suburban and rural locations since the first lockdowns in March 2020. With the coronavirus, social distancing and remote working seemingly here to stay indefinitely, it’s only natural for people in major urban areas to ask themselves: “Should we move out of the city?”

However, depending on where you’re thinking about moving, suburbs and small towns aren’t always cheaper than cities. Hidden costs can eat away at your budget, and moving out of the city could end up being more expensive than staying put.

1. The cost of housing

There is no doubt that on average, housing costs more in cities than anywhere else. According to, buying a house can cost twice as much in the city versus the suburbs. There is also no disputing that your dollar will usually buy more living space in suburbs and small towns. If you’re renting… Read More

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