Is Further Education Valuable for Established Entrepreneurs?

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You have likely watched a documentary or read a thrilling anecdote about a business owner that dropped out of university and made it big. These people started a business and became a multimillionaire before their friends even took their final exams. Unfortunately, while some of these stories are undoubtedly true, this type of entrepreneur is rare. Many of these money-spinning entrepreneurs tout the benefits of further education or a return to study later in their careers.

Entrepreneurs have an innate ability to perform a cost-benefit analysis on almost any scenario, from splurging on a business class ticket to ensure a restful night of sleep to shaving time off a commute. However, when time is money, what courses, degrees, and further studies are valuable? There isn’t a universal answer here, so check out our opinions on the matter below.

What Is the Benefit of Further Education for an Entrepreneur?

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