Instagram, please let me search for people lurking in my Stories

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Instagram needs to make the list of people who viewed your Story searchable.

I understand the detrimental effect Instagram has on users globally. The platform is owned by Facebook, a company that famously exploits user data for ad targeting and is doing the same to the roughly 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram.

But if you’re going to steal my data and put democracies across the world at risk, can you at least let me search who has seen my Stories?

I truly believe that you can tell when someone has a new crush because they start posting on their Stories about 10 percent more often. I feel so confident in this because most of my friends tell me they do it. And, usually, they say they want to know if that one new crush is seeing what they are posting. So, they search through their Stories looking for specific people — exes, crushes, enemies. The vast majori… Read More

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