How to Teach Your Kids About Credit and Borrowing

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As a father of three children, I find it very important to support them in a variety of different ways. One of the most important subjects I feel my kids need to know, they might not learn in the classroom — either online or in person. Teaching my kids about credit and general financial education will help them make their own important financial decisions in the future, which is something that I didn’t have.  Here’s why you should teach your kids about credit, what exactly it is and how to start those conversations early enough that they have the time to learn and ask more questions.

Why teach your kids about credit?

When I first became an adult, I really didn’t understand the impact that credit would have on my life. I didn’t understand the value of a good credit score or how to build it.

This led to some pretty poor choices on my part during my early adult years. I took out lots of loans to buy things like furniture, believing it would be e… Read More

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