How to (Seriously!) Get Paid to Sell Feet Pics Online

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Did you know that you can sell feet pics online and ACTUALLY make cash?

I wasn’t really shocked, since I’ve written about selling hair, eggs, plasma, and breastmilk before.

But if you’ve got model-material feet and want to earn some cash, this gig can be something fun and fulfilling.

This post welcomes you to the feet industry and teaches you everything you need to know to earn a piece of the feet-pic-marketplace pie.

Things You Need to Sell Feet Pics

So how do you get started?

There are very minimal requirements to enter this sub-niche market.

To begin this memorable journey, start with these three steps:

Pamper Your awesome feet: Of course, your investment here is your feet. In some feet pic “marketplace,” your feet must look nice for the camera. In others, even a pair of uniquely-shaped feet can be something podiatric physicians (feet doctors) find interesting. Either way, it’s about time you bring… Read More

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