How to Protect Yourself From COVID-19 Financial Scams

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Scamming attempts are on the rise as more people seek financial assistance online, due to the Coronavirus. Data from the Federal Trade Commission shows Americans have already lost nearly $70 million to pandemic scams since the beginning of the year.

“Many have been filing for unemployment benefits, so when a call or email comes in pretending to respond to your inquiry, it might be harder to differentiate between who is real and fake,” says Jade Hickton, Private Investigator at Smith Training Centre. Learn how to detect the warning signs to avoid falling for these fraudulent crimes.

Here’s how to spot the most common COVID-19 scams
Stimulus checks

One of the most attractive things for fraudsters during the pandemic has been government refunds — including stimulus checks. Scammers impersonate members of the Treasury Department or IRS over the phone, claiming they need personal details to verify your identity or get your stimulus check to your account faster. They… Read More

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