How to Build an Effective Remote Workforce

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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly all facets of life. However, one aspect of everyday life that has changed significantly, is working. Remote workforces are more popular these days than ever. Some people have seen their jobs move completely online. However, those considered essential workers, are still showing up to their physical workplace every day. Unfortunately, many people have lost their jobs entirely.

As the pandemic continues, employers are put in an especially tough spot. They’re trying to maintain a steady volume of production from their workers while still showing care for their mental health. For remote workforces, this issue is exasperated further. It is more difficult to communicate with workers and gauge how they are feeling virtually than in-person. Many workers may resent the idea of working remotely. As an employer, it is important to keep the morale of your workforce high and build an ope… Read More

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