How to Avoid an Eviction If You Can’t Pay Rent

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Even though President Trump’s recent executive order promised an extended eviction moratorium and $400 a week in unemployment benefits, it…did not actually do either of those things.

“The most important message right now that people need to understand is the executive order is not an eviction moratorium [emphasis added],” says Deborah Thrope, Deputy Director of the National Housing Law Project (NHLP). “It does not place any limits on landlords, public housing authorities or courts to not evict tenants. It provides absolutely no protection to renters.”

The CARES Act put a pause on evictions and protected renters from late fees, but it expired on July 24. We’re now in the 30-day buffer before landlords are able to proceed with evictions on August 24 if previously protected tenants can’t pay their rent. And despite federal protection, almost half of renter households were already facing cost burdens before COVID-19.

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