How Fomenko’s King Servers Can Help Your Business

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If you have recently been asking your team to work from home, you’re not alone. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced employees around the world to transition into internet-based work. Many business owners might not have realized their servers aren’t up to the task of working remotely. Especially, if they are required to attend multiple Zoom calls and maintain foreign company-wide email systems. If so, these past months may have been challenging for you. One of the quickest and cheapest solutions to this is to rent a server from a reliable provider, like Fomenko’s King Servers.

Vladimir Foment founded King Servers in November of 2008. They’re a company that rents out server capacity to other businesses. Basically, this speeds up their connections, while also helping to mitigate security breaches. 

Who Is Vladmir Formenko?

Vladimir Fomenko founded King Servers at age 18. He started arranging re… Read More

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