Former NRA president tricked into giving 'graduation' speech for young victims of gun violence

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Gun control nonprofit Change the Ref has tricked former NRA president David Keene into giving a commencement speech at a fake high school graduation — one held for the students who would be attending their own this year if gun violence hadn’t killed them. It’s a striking image.

“There are some who’ll continue to fight to gut the Second Amendment, but I’d be willing to bet that many of you will be among those who stand up and prevent them from succeeding,” Keene told a field of empty chairs representing the dead children.


Activists and families of gun violence victims protest with 7,000 shoes on Congress’ doorstep

Change the Ref also pulled the same trick on More Guns, Less Crime author John Lott. Both men were led to believe they were rehearsing for a real graduation held by John Madison Academy in… Read More

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