Every Growing Business Needs These 5 Essential Digital Services

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Every growing business needs support from a comprehensive suite of mostly digital services. These services streamline mundane, non-core processes and free up scarce resources for higher-value efforts, like product development.

Early-stage businesses face myriad threats to growth. Some prove temporary. Others are systemic bottlenecks that erode startups’ competitive positions and cripple long-term promise.

Some of these threats trace back to founders’ understandable but misguided efforts to control overhead costs. They were wise to try and conserve capital for growth-oriented initiatives. However, such choices can lead to a penny-wise, pound-foolish approach that may prove counterproductive down the road.

Why? Because overhead isn’t just about keeping the lights on and the Internet connected.

No matter what your company does, these five essential digital services should probably be on its list.


1. Accounting Software

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