Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains: What Are the Possibilities?

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Featured image by Art Rachen on Unsplash

Does your head start spinning when you hear or read about cryptocurrencies and blockchains? Do you wonder what, exactly, these terms even mean? In this article we try to provide some clarity while also letting you know about some of your best options with regard to crypto in general. In addition, we explore some of the exciting possibilities blockchains offer, over and above the crypto coins they underpin.

What Are Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains?

A cryptocurrency is a digital asset that people can use either for investing or to purchase goods and services. Transactions for crypto investments and the purchases people make using cryptocurrencies are stored on blockchains. The oldest and best-known among cryptocurrencies is bitcoin. Other well-known cryptocurrencies include dogecoin and ethereum.

A blockchain is a digital ledger. Financial and other transactions that take place on a blockchain are dupli… Read More

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