Change the vibes in your space with a color-projecting shadow lamp

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Project colorful designs onto your walls.

TL;DR: Spruce up your room with the Shadow Lamp Color Projector, on sale for $124.99 — a 37% discount — as of June 24.

When it comes to altering the ambiance of a room, there are plenty of tech-y options. Take this Shadow Lamp Color Projector, for instance. It’s basically part light, part art installation — and it can instantly change the entire vibe of your living space.

This lamp stands over 5.5 feet tall but takes up just about 5 inches of floor space. And at just 4.8 pounds, you can easily move it from room to room. You won’t even notice its impact until you flip the switch and turn it on.

You can adjust the lamp’s size and position and cast a stunning image across a wall, on the ceiling, or over hanging fixtures and artwork. Whether you’re a sucker for warm or cool shades, these sha… Read More

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