Building Your Brand Presence with Social Media Marketing

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Featured image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

You’ve probably heard of the term brand awareness. This means your customers would say in a survey that yes, they’ve heard of your company or your product. Brand presence is the next step. This means customers can identify your brand in a store or they know something about your company.

In other words, a brand presence means you’ve created a cohesive identity for your brand and successfully communicated it to your customers. This was traditionally done with commercials and sponsorships, but today there are other ways to go about it, too. Here’s how to build your brand presence with social media marketing.

Build Brand Presence by Using Branded Keywords

Keywords are the words that you intentionally place in your content at a greater density than others, so that the content correlates to said “key” word. Note that keywords can be whole phrases, such as a long … Read More

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