Why Banks Need to Manage ATM Cash Distribution Networks

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For close to 50 years now, automatic teller machines (ATMs) have enabled users to conveniently access banking services. No longer must people wait in long lines inside banks. In fact, the main reason ATMs were developed was to reduce congestion in banks and avoid long working hours for bank staff.

Since their introduction, ATM usage has increased immensely. The machines are sophisticated and now serve as important points for accessing cash and other banking services.


Their ability to offer additional ATM solutions has seen them serve as complementary channels to mobile, branch, and banking. For example, people can reload prepaid mobile phones, buy stamps, transfer charitable donations, exchange currency, and apply for a credit card at these machines. As the banking industry gets more competitive, banks… Read More

Watch a NASA spacecraft touch down on asteroid Bennu

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Watch a NASA spacecraft touch down on asteroid Bennu


Earlier in October, NASA successfully collected rocky samples from asteroid Bennu, a relatively small, well-preserved space rock some 200 million miles from Earth. On Friday, NASA released footage of the spacecraft, OSIRIS-REx, approaching and briefly touching down on the rubbly Bennu. The events, seen in the space agency’s tweet below, show OSIRIS-REx carefully descending to Bennu’s rock-strewn surface.

The spacecraft collected some 60 grams, or about two ounces, of fine-grained material during the quick touchdown, which lasted under 16 seconds. To planetary scientists, this asteroidal stuff is invaluable: Bennu hasn’t changed much since the formation of our solar system (4.5 billion years ago), so the samples provide a glimpse into our past, and how our planets formed. Read more…

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Get over 65 courses on cybersecurity for just $30

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Get over 65 courses on cybersecurity for just $30

TL;DR: Dip a toe into cybersecurity with the Master Cyber Security 65+ Course Certification bundle for $29.99, a 98% savings as of Oct. 31. 

If you want to learn more about the cybersecurity field, the Master Cyber Security 65+ Course Certification Bundle can help you get your foot in the door.

Developed by LearnNow (LNO), an online learning platform for IT and software development skills, this collection includes over 65 lessons to equip you with the cybersecurity skills that matter most today — CompTIA, CISSP, OWASP, CISM, and more.

From OWASP and penetration testing to CompTIA Security+, CISSP, CISA, CISM, and security for AWS and Azure, it will teach you the most relevant concepts that can help you advance in the field. You’ll get a mixture of both beginner and advanced courses, as well… Read More

Personal Loans for Self-Employed

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If you’re an entrepreneur, you may have given up on finding a personal loan for self-employed people.  Lenders tend to focus on things like paycheck stubs and a steady income. But personal loans for the self-employed with no proof of income do exist, and if you have a steady income you probably qualify for one.

We’ve reviewed the best self-employed personal loans and brought you our top recommendations, using our proprietary SimpleScore methodology to evaluate each lender’s rates, terms, customer satisfaction, customer support and fees.

Check Your Personal Loan Rates

Answer a few questions to see which personal loans you pre-qualify for. It’s quick and easy, and it will not impact your credit score.

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How Tesla super fans get the add-ons they can't get from Elon Musk

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How Tesla super fans get the add-ons they can't get from Elon Musk

As soon as Arizona fitness coach Torrey Penn bought his new Tesla Model Y online this September he knew what extras he would need for his new ride — and it didn’t involve an extra $10,000 Full Self-Driving advanced driving package with automatic steering, braking, and turning while on any road.

Instead Penn, 43, left Tesla.com and headed to Amazon and eBay, where he quickly found what he wanted: a Tesla key card ring to open and start his new electric vehicle. He bought it on eBay for $99 as a replacement for an ill-fitting wedding band. The ring arrived last weekend and he immediately programmed it. Now he can put his hand near the front door and the car unlocks and starts, even if he doesn’t have his connected smartphone or key card on him. (Instead of traditional car keys, Teslas have key cards, like a hotel.) … Read More

Research Shows Installment Loans Are Just as Risky as Title Loans

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Payday loans and title loans are routinely criticized for their steep interest rates. They are often flagged as the worst consumer loans on the market. Payday loans must be repaid… Read more »

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