A guide to the best menstrual underwear

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A guide to the best menstrual underwear

In 2015, the feminine hygiene company Thinx first brought period underwear to the collective consciousness with a viral subway ad campaign that was very nearly rejected for using the word “period” along with images of grapefruit and raw eggs. Since then, the menstrual underwear market has evolved to offer more brands, styles, and sizes than ever, from minimalistic thongs and briefs to lacy, date-night-worthy numbers. 

Aside from comfort and the convenience of not having to insert anything into a vagina, period underwear — which can be worn alone or as a backup along with products like menstrual cups to prevent leaks — is a great choice for those looking to reduce waste. A typical menstruator will use anywhere from 5 to 15 thousand pads and tampons in their lifetime. Most of that ends up in landfills. Period underwear can a… Read More

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