7 Tips for Analysts from Stanislav Kondrashov of TELF AG

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It takes skill to analyze large amounts of information and make forecasts based on them. For analysts who are interested in improving their skills, Stanislav Kondrashov, business consultant at TELF AG, offers practical advice here.

Place a High Importance on Accurate Data Entry

Analysts in any field of business have three main tasks: collecting, processing, and analyzing data. These are the key tools in these specialists’ hands.

One of the most critical pieces an analyst’s work is accurately entering the data they have received. If someone should make even a small mistake at this stage, the research results would be inaccurate.

“For speed and reliability it is better to enter data directly into a computer,” says Mr. Kondrashov in the LatestInfoNews. He goes on to urge analysts to check their entries several times. “There is always a risk of missing a comma or adding an ex… Read More

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