5 Reasons Why a PDF File Is Better Than a Word Document

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We are all used to working with Microsoft Word, but Adobe Acrobat is much better for creating documents, manuals, projects, and almost anything else. Adobe can do so much more than Word, making a PDF file far better than a Word document for many reasons.

PDF has become a mainstay at both the office and at home with documents, manuals, applications, forms, projects, and much more. With Adobe, you can convert files, share files, edit files, and sign documents. Adobe Acrobat makes it easy to convert all types of files from Word to PDF.

However, there are so many more advantages. Here are just a few examples:

PDF Files Offer Greater Security

One of the reasons that PDF is better than Word is security. For example, PDF files can be secured with a password. This prevents anyone from gaining access to your information without the proper password. Once you have protected your file with a password, you can share it without th… Read More

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