5 Major Signs Your Building Needs a Roofer ASAP

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As a property owner or business owner you are no doubt familiar with repairs and maintenance projects. Your building’s roof is one of its most important parts and regular care and upkeep are needed to keep your business and possessions safe. Your roof is vulnerable to the elements such as heavy rainstorms, hail, and wind. This all can cause damage that requires the professional care that a San Antonio Roofing Company can provide. Here are five signs your roof is damaged and you should consult a professional roofer.


1. Bumps or Dings

Hail damage leaves signs that are easy to identify with a close inspection with or without a roofer. A heavy hailstorm leaves small divots in your home’s shingles, metal components such as your gutter system, and the roof surface. Hail damage is often circular and can range in size depending on the size or type of hail that stru… Read More

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