Mesmerizing image of black hole reveals magnetic field

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Mesmerizing image of black hole reveals magnetic field

The first image of a black hole just became even more fascinating.

At the center of the Messier 87 (M87) galaxy is a supermassive black hole about 38 billion kilometers wide, a behemoth so dense that not even light can escape its gravitational pull.

By observing polarized light around M87, scientists working with Event Horizon Telescope, an international collaboration of researchers, were able to produce the image. It shows the spiral-like pattern of the black hole’s magnetic fields, the first image of its kind. 

The light comes from the superheated gas caught in the black hole’s event horizon, the point of no return from which not even light can escape. It traveled 55 million light years to reach Earth.  Read more…

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How to Build Company Culture in Remote Organizations

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Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

Remote work is here to stay, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Chief among them is the problem of building a strong company culture that includes both in-house staff as well as those who are working remotely.


Thanks to fast-evolving technologies, the global work environment and the dynamics of the workforce have had a massive shift in recent years. What’s even more interesting is that the changes in the nature of work are accelerating faster today than ever before.

Companies’ Cultures Are Radically Changing

A decade ago, no company would have imagined its employees working outside of the traditional office landscape. However, the notion of work has evolved. For one thing, advances in technology have made it easier for organizations to become more and more decentralized. Companies are increasingly adopting a culture that encourag… Read More

How Chase Chappell went from Working in his Sister’s Garage to Advising on $189.5M+ in Ad Spend

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How Chase Chappell went from Working in his Sister’s Garage to Advising on $189.5M+ in Ad Spend written by Sara Nay read more at Duct Tape Marketing


Agency Spark Podcast with With Chase Chappell

The Agency Spark Podcast, hosted by Sara Nay, is a collection of interviews from thought leaders in the marketing consultancy and agency space. Each episode is designed to spark ideas you can put into practice for your agency today.

In this episode of the Agency Spark Podcast, Sara interviews Chase Chappell. Chase Chappell is a serial entrepreneur, marketer, and foun… Read More

'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier' reveals its true villain

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'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier' reveals its true villain

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is proving to be every bit the six-part movie — and we just found out who the villain is.

In episode 1, Torres loops Sam into his investigation of the Flag Smashers, an international terrorist group who believe life was better during the Blip and that we should live in a unified, borderless world.

But as episode 2 reveals, there’s a lot more going on.

Sam and Bucky go head-to-head and hand-to-vibranium-arm with the Smashers in a stunning fight sequence set atop two moving trucks — and learn that the Smashers are super soldiers, just like Bucky and Steve. We know from Captain America: Civil War that HYDRA made more Winter Soldiers, but we also know that they’re supposed to be dead thanks to Helmut Zemo. He used them as bait to lur… Read More

Protect Assets Around the Clock with RFID Technology

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Featured image by Paolo Gallo

Owners and curators of valuable collections of all kinds have a vested interest in keeping safe the assets they’re responsible for. This is true whether that property consists of artwork, upscale construction materials, industrial equipment, or other expensive possessions.

Here is where RFID technology comes in. Regardless of an asset’s location or purpose, RFID technology provides around-the-clock state-of-the-art protection.


What Is RFID Technology?

RFID is an acronym that stands for “radio frequency identification.” The proper way to pronounce it is to sound out each letter separately, like this: “R-F-I-D.”

The technology consists first of tags placed on artwork, equipment, or other important assets. These tags transmit information by way of radio waves to data-capturing systems. The tags are similar… Read More

Powerful 'New Yorker' cover captures Asian American fears amidst hate crimes

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Powerful 'New Yorker' cover captures Asian American fears amidst hate crimes

Unprovoked attacks on Asian people in the U.S. have drastically risen over the past few months, with so many being reported that it’s hard to keep track. Asians have been assaulted, stabbed, and killed, with six Asian women among the eight who died in the March 16 Atlanta shootings.

Today The New Yorker revealed the cover for its next issue, which cleverly depicts the psychological impact such hate crimes have had on Asian Americans. 

It’s a powerful image, and a heartbreaking punch to the gut.

Inside this week’s issue of The New Yorker:

— The New Yorker (@NewYorker) March 29, 2021 Read more…

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