Why is My Website Losing Traffic and How to Restore it

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    Any blogger who has a website and losing traffic know what I’m talking about. It’s really very disappointing and frustrating to see your website losing traffic and can’t do anything. You create quality content, put effort and time into it and see no rankings, no traffic, no engagement. You create content day after […]

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How to Start an eCommerce Business

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If you are looking for a platform to start a new business on, there is perhaps no better place to turn than online. This is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy, so there is always room for new entrants. At the same time, you will need to have a solid plan in place that will allow you to capture the attention of your target audience and develop a loyal customer base. This is why you will want to take note of the following advice if you are planning to start an eCommerce business in the near future.


Create a Business Plan for Your eCommerce Business

Before you start any business, it is important to have a solid plan in place. Consider this your roadmap. You want to know where you are going before you begin the journey. Outline your goals and objectives. Know what you plan to sell, to whom, and on what platform.

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8 Tips for Working From Home While Schooling Your Kids During Coronavirus

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Many parents across America are facing the start of a school year in which they’re called upon to balance virtual schooling for their children and working from home. It’s a difficult thing to balance. We all want our children to have an excellent education, but also a safe one, while we have careers to attend to.

Many of the obvious strategies for solving this conundrum involve simply throwing money at the problem through things like hiring a tutor, but for many families, that’s not a sensible option.

8 ways to balance working from home and virtual school for kids
Have clear schedules and guidelines

It is incredibly useful for both children and parents to know at a glance what each child’s daily schedule is and what the parent’s working schedule is like as well. This minimizes interruptions at inconvenient times.

For older children, one way of doing this is to create a set of Google Calendars, one for each parent working at home and… Read More

How to Efficiently Share Company Knowledge

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No company knowledge is ever useless. But knowledge is a whole lot more valuable when it’s possessed by the whole team, rather than a single worker or team.

As they work, employees stumble on ways to get the job done efficiently. When they share those insights, everyone benefits. But to make knowledge-sharing a cultural expectation, communication has to be a whole-company priority.

Especially with so many companies working remotely, communicating knowledge well can be a challenge. Popping over to someone else’s cubicle is no longer an option when employees are stationed in their homes. Sharing knowledge remotely means setting up processes and organization systems that can work from anywhere.

What does that entail? These six steps are key for knowledge management:

1. Create a Safe Environment for Sharing Knowledge

How can employees share information if they don’t feel safe express… Read More

Has the Pandemic Made It Easier to Get a Personal Loan?

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According to research conducted by the University of New Hampshire’s Carsey School of Public Policy, in 39 states, the number of jobs lost between February and July exceeds those lost in the great recession. While talks about a second stimulus package resume in September, unemployment and income uncertainty are putting a strain on American’s ability to cover large expenses.

Despite this, a growing number of people are relieving financial anxiety by taking out personal loans.

These loans can help you pay bills and cover expenses during cash-strapped times. How hard or easy is it to get a personal loan, and what role has the pandemic played? First, we have to talk about how personal loans work and what you need to consider before applying.

Things to consider when getting a personal loan during COVID-19

There’s an array of personal loans out there, but for the moment, we’re going to focus on the most common one: unsecured personal loans, whi… Read More

It's almost impossible to avoid triggering content on TikTok

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It's almost impossible to avoid triggering content on TikTok

Mashable’s series Algorithms explores the mysterious lines of code that increasingly control our lives — and our futures. 

TikTok’s algorithm is almost too good at suggesting relatable content — to the point of being detrimental for some users’ mental health. 

It’s nearly impossible to avoid triggering content on TikTok, and because of the nature of the app’s never-ending For You Page, users can easily end up trapped scrolling through suggested content curated for their specific triggers. 

Videos glorifying disordered eating, for example, are thriving on TikTok. The tag #flatstomach has 44.2 million views. The tags #proana and #thinsp0, short for pro-anorexia and thin inspiration, have 2.1 million views and 446,000 views, respectively. As senior editor Rachel Charlene Lewis wr… Read More

15 Important Questions to Ask Yourself When Developing Your Company Mission

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What’s one question you should always ask yourself when developing a company mission? Why?

These answers are provided by Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s… Read more »

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Algorithms control your online life. Here's how to reduce their influence.

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Algorithms control your online life. Here's how to reduce their influence.

Mashable’s series Algorithms explores the mysterious lines of code that increasingly control our lives — and our futures.

The world in 2020 has been given plenty of reasons to be wary of algorithms. Depending on the result of the U.S. presidential election, it may give us one more. Either way, it’s high time we questioned the impact of these high-tech data-driven calculations, which increasingly determine who or what we see (and what we don’t) online. 

The impact of algorithms is starting to scale up to a dizzying degree, and literally billions of people are feeling the ripple effects. This is the year the Social Credit System, an ominous Black Mirror-like “behavior score” run by the Chinese government, is set to officially launchIt may not be quite as bad as … Read More

How to create a better Facebook Ad?

An attractive and engaging Facebook ad is the result of a combination of effective strategies. No advertisement can be declared to be perfect as some ads work better than others due to various reasons. The competition in the Facebook ad market is becoming intense. More and more people are realizing the power of this social media giant and hope to utilize the platform to advertise their products and services.

Laser-focused targeting and creativity in Facebook ad creation are some of the essential techniques in creating a great Facebook ad. However, here are some of the other important strategies from which can be adopted to create a better Facebook ad:

Target a specific Audience

The first step in the creation of an ad is to keep in mind the audience for which you are writing the ad. The audience varies from business to business and the primary purpose of your ad.

A tempting thing to do is create a general ad and target millions of people through a single ad. However, this method is like shooting a gun in the air, and probably won’t be pretty for your ROI. A better way to attract people is to create a specific Facebook ad in your niche and focus on a smaller number of people that fit your target customer criteria. An ad that’s targeted is more likely to engage people because it will be tailored specifically to that audience.

While creating an ad, you must make sure to answer two fundamental questions: “who will be seeing this ad?” and “What is the message of this ad?”

There is no definite number of people that should be targeted through a Facebook ad. The number itself is highly dependent on your type of ad, kind of organization, the type of the audience, and the scale of your customer base. After selecting the target audience, write an ad that speaks directly to the audience. Make sure that the message of the ad resonates with the readers.

Create Multiple Ads and Test Them

Even after spending hours in creating a Facebook ad, it can fall flat. Hence, you should always create different versions of every ad and test them with your target audience to get an idea of which one works the best.

It is essential to follow the formal structure of the Facebook ad, which has three levels – campaign, ad sets, and ads. The process is started by selecting the aim of your ad and naming the campaign. In the ad set level, the target audience is selected, along with the budget and a few other options. Finally, the ad is designed in ads level.

Facebook allows ads published to upload up to six pictures for each ad. Once the ad is posted, these images are automatically rotated by Facebook. It means that Facebook will show all variations of your ad, and the ad, which is resonating the most with the readers, will ultimately be shown more. Thus, creating different versions of an ad and testing them is important to expand your customer base.

Advertise Discounts and Offers

Many people don’t even try some new products because they have a fear of wasting their money, which is proved by the psychological concept call loss aversion – people are more fearful of losing things than gaining. To overcome this barrier, you should offer free products, offers like “Buy One Get One Free,” discounted products, and free delivery. If you can afford it, you should conduct weekly or monthly free giveaways as well because, in recent times, they have become a vital strategy in cultivating a loyal customer base. These tactics will ensure that the customers are attracted to your ad and more likely to contact you if the offer is enticing for them.

Make sure your ad stands out

There are hundreds of thousands of ads running on Facebook on a daily basis. It has become very difficult to capture the attention of the users. Therefore, it is important to design your ad uniquely and outstandingly to make sure the user clicks on it and not just scroll it down like any other ordinary ad.

The overall design, style, and images used in the ad are very important in captivating the users’ attention. If you use a bright and right image according to the content of your ad, it is more likely to be clicked on by the user.

Use Call-to-Actions (CTA) feature

Along with being an attractive ad, your advertisement should make it easy for people to contact you and your company. Facebook offers a clickable CTA button through which the audience of your ad can call you or message you directly. This feature should be added appropriately in a good ad to facilitate the users in getting in touch with you.

All of these strategies will be useful to you in designing a perfect Facebook ad. Many advertising agencies and professional programs also offer their services in ad designing to make sure your ad stands out on Facebook and attract the target audience. Once you get your ads up and running, choose a Facebook Ad management system like Automated Ads to manage and optimize your ads.

USAA Student Loan Alternatives

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Traditional banks offer some of the best student loans on the market. USAA provided competitive students loans too, but they did this through a partnership with Wells Fargo. Unfortunately, the program ceased in December 2016 due to insufficient demand. While existing borrowers can continue to repay their USAA loans for students as before, those interested in new borrowing or refinancing will need to look for alternative providers.

Check Your Personal Loan Rates

Answer a few questions to see which personal loans you pre-qualify for. It’s quick and easy, and it will not impact your credit score.

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