'The Office' will stream on Peacock with exclusive new content

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'The Office' will stream on Peacock with exclusive new content

If you’re already preparing for The Office to leave Netflix and move to NBC’s Peacock, get ready for a whole new viewing experience. According to Bloomberg, The Office will arrive on Peacock in January 2021 with new, unreleased material.  

“We will be reintroducing The Office in a more complete way, incorporating elements that were not part of the original broadcast,” Peacock and NBCUniversal Digital Enterprises chairman Matt Strauss told Bloomberg. 

Strauss didn’t offer specifics, but NBC is exploring multiple avenues to make The Office an enticing part of Peacock — further details will have to wait until close to its move. The streaming service, which launched in July, has already seen a reported 10 million subscribers, and offers free and premium tiers of programmi… Read More

How to Win the Lottery: 11 Key Tips to Hit the Jackpot!

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We all want to know how to win the lottery. Winning the lottery is the dream for many of us. It’s a great way to make money without a job! Having a ton of cash to spend on whatever you want and of course the financial security that comes along with a lottery win is… Continue…

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12 Business Planning Tips For First-Time Founders

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What’s your best advice for first-time founders building a business plan?

These answers are provided by Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most successful young… Read more »

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Dr. Fauci has the perfect reaction to Rep. Jim Jordan wild questioning

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Dr. Fauci has the perfect reaction to Rep. Jim Jordan wild questioning

We should all know this by now: Being in a crowd, especially indoors without a mask, is dangerous during the coronavirus pandemic.

Still, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan — the relentlessly pro-Trump Ohio Republican infamous for his alleged role in a massive sexual abuse scandal at Ohio State — decide to press Dr. Anthony Fauci on this idea on Friday. The nation’s top health official appeared before a House panel on the coronavirus response. 

It went so far that Fauci eventually literally waved off the congressman. 

In his questioning, Jordan wondered why church services were discouraged even as Black Lives Matter protests — which are outdoors, typically involve mass mask-wearing, and have not been shown to significantly spread COVID — continued across the country. Jordan seemed intent on… Read More

Seth Rogen tells Jimmy Fallon about his 'illegal clay deal' to feed his coronavirus pottery hobby

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Seth Rogen tells Jimmy Fallon about his 'illegal clay deal' to feed his coronavirus pottery hobby

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted thousands to take up new hobbies while cooped up at home, and actor Seth Rogen is no exception. Speaking to Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, Rogen said he’s been filling his time with “a lot of pottery,” which he’d been reluctant to try but quickly fell in love with.

“Clay was not considered an essential service, though, so I literally had to buy illegal clay. I literally made an illegal clay deal from the back door of a pottery studio,” said Rogen, adding that it felt like “the most apocalyptic thing that has happened to [him].”

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How Going For The “Big Fish” Deals Can Increase Your Business

Too often business owners try to fight over the scraps. They try to make deals or land sales with anyone and everyone that they can find, regardless of if those deals are barely worth any money to them.

It’s amazing what can happen when you try to go for the bigger clients or choose bigger businesses to partner with. Just a single deal can often make for a very good month (or even year!).

There’s two main ways of doing this. First, you can target more high-end prospects with higher end offerings. By raising your prices and offering more “done for you” services and products, you can try to target the elite buyers instead of focusing on being the low-priced leader barely scraping by. The second way is to try to focus on big “competitors,” or on other business owners who are far bigger than you in a similar market, but not necessarily competing, and then trying to strike a deal with them to sell or promote your offers (for a big cut). If you make this hands-free, super easy, and very profitable for them, you’d be surprised how many are willing to do deals with you.

One way of doing the second suggestion here is by offering to white label your product or service. This is where you allow someone to sell your offer as their own while you do all the work to fulfill it. This can be a win-win for both, as they can get a good cut of the sale for doing virtually nothing except making easy sales for you, while you fulfill the sales, do the support, and make lots of extra sales without having to spend money on advertising or do any marketing yourself. A single big fish deal like this can make an entire business.

One thing that still amazes us to this day is that it’s often just as hard to make a huge sale or business deal as it is to make a tiny sale or business deal, yet the vast majority of people tend to focus on the little fish because they don’t think they’re able to land a bigger deal! This can be applied to almost any aspect of business – whether it be finding big players to partner with, selling high end products / services, or even just being an affiliate for more expensive products! Quite often times it’s just as hard to sell a $5,000 product as it is to sell a $50 product, as long as you’re targeting the right kind of prospects. One just results in you making a lot more.

Try going for the big fish now and then, whether by going after more elite prospects, at higher prices with better offers, or by seeking out big partnerships to do white label deals, where they sell your offers for you for a cut.

For more great marketing and sales tips to increase your business, check out this book 50 Marketing Tips & Tricks Learned After $100 Million in Sales Over 20 Years!.

Twitter reveals exactly how bitcoin scammers hacked Elon Musk's, Kim Kardashian's accounts

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Twitter reveals exactly how bitcoin scammers hacked Elon Musk's, Kim Kardashian's accounts

Twitter just released an update on the massive hack that prompted the Great Blue Tick Silence of 2020, letting us know exactly how many accounts were actually impacted.

On July 15, hackers posted tweets from several prominent, verified Twitter users’ accounts, falsely claiming that any bitcoin sent to a certain address would be paid back in double. The scam netted the hackers 400 payments with a total value of $121,000 — a tidy sum for a handful of tweets. 

Now, Twitter has revealed what it’s learned about how this hack took place, stating that it “relied on a significant and concerted attempt to mislead certain employees and exploit human vulnerabilities to gain access to [Twitter’s] internal systems.” Read more…

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It’s time to put an end to horrible slide decks once and for all. FREE WEBINAR.

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CREATING WORLD CLASS SLIDE DECKS WEBINAR – TUESDAY 11th AUGUST 2020 10am. Is it time to get serious and take your slide decks to a world class level? And put Read More…

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TikTok sued by rival video app platform Triller

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TikTok sued by rival video app platform Triller

TikTok, the viral video app beloved by Generation Z, had enough to worry about with the US government floating a possible ban.

Now it needs to worry about a patent infringement lawsuit from a rival competitor too.

Triller, a shortform viral video app similar to TikTok, is now suing its more popular competitor. The company alleges that TikTok has stolen one of the app’s proprietary features.

The lawsuit claims that TikTok infringed on Triller’s patent for “systems and methods for creating music videos synchronized with an audio track.” More specifically the patented feature allows users to stitch together multiple videos with a single audio track attacked. Triller was granted the patent back in 2017. Read more…

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Barack Obama reminds us of ever-present threat of voter suppression in John Lewis eulogy

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Barack Obama reminds us of ever-present threat of voter suppression in John Lewis eulogy

On Thursday, during a eulogy for the late Rep. John Lewis in Georgia, former President Barack Obama took aim at the current administration and criticized an ever-present threat to our democracy: voter suppression. 

“…there are those in power who are doing their darnedest to discourage people from voting, by closing polling locations, and targeting minorities and students with restrictive I.D. laws, and attacking our voting right with surgical precision, even undermining the postal service to an election that’s going to be dependent on mail-in ballot so people don’t get sick,” said Obama during his eulogy of Lewis.  Read more…

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