What Are Secured Credit Cards?

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How to establish credit is a common concern for younger individuals. While they may be ready to make their first significant purchases, the lack of any credit often presents a major hurdle. Similar obstacles confront those with the task of rebuilding poor credit history. Thankfully for both groups, a secured credit card allows each to start (or restart) their credit journey with the goal of financial independence. How do secured credit cards work? Let’s take a closer look.

What is a secured credit card?

A secured credit card is one backed or “secured” via a cash deposit paid by the cardholder. Similar to how a rental deposit protects a homeowner against damage or default by the renter, the cash deposit protects the issuer of the credit card should the cardholder be unable to make payments.

The process of acquiring a secured credit card is straightforward. The card issuer assesses the applicant’s financial standing and determines an appropriate deposit amount t… Read More

Personal Injury Lawyer: The 3 Main Duties to Clients

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Although it can be easy to identify when you or someone who works for you needs a personal injury lawyer, some people end up mystified as to what a lawyer can do for them. After an injury, there’s enough stress on your shoulders with medical bills and healing. You don’t want to have to study up for a lawsuit as well. Luckily, personal injury lawyers can keep an eye out for you.

Here are the three primary duties of a personal injury lawyer and what that means for you.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Evaluates the Strength of a Case

You are hurt and healing from something that changed your life. It may seem simple for you that this case is worthwhile. Being close to a situation, unfortunately, can have many people feeling the same way even when they don’t have anything owed to them.

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Guide to Filing Taxes in 2020

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Tax season is often a stressful time for most people. It’s especially true for taxpayers with complicated tax filing needs due to owning a business or having a significant amount of investments, among other situations.

In 2020, we’re also dealing with a global crisis that only occurs about once every 100 years: a pandemic that must be contained through both individual and institutional efforts. Because of COVID-19, countless industries have been temporarily shuttered, and many state governments instituted closures of nonessential businesses, causing more than 10 million Americans to file for unemployment in March 2020.

Subsequently, the ordinary stress that taxpayers and tax professionals experience every January to April has been compounded by lockdowns, a strained healthcare system, economic devastation and adjusting to an awkward present and uncertain future. Under ordinary circumstances, you would need to file and pay your taxes due by April 15th. In light… Read More

Missing the fairway? Try out this backyard golf game with a twist.

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Missing the fairway? Try out this backyard golf game with a twist.

TL;DR: Turn your backyard into a golf course with the Chippo golf game for just $158.99, a 16% savings as of April 25.

If you’re one of those golfers itching to get back on the green, you do have some other options, though. It’s not all bad news, folks! You could bring your clubs outside and build a makeshift course in your yard, but since you’re probably not going to do that, you could try your hand at this Chippo™ Golf Game instead.

You may have heard of the viral golf game Chippo™ if you’re a golf fanatic. After all, it’s won accolades from the likes of PGA and GOLF Magazine. But for the uninitiated, it’s basically like a glorious lovechild of the backyard beer-slugging style of bean bag toss and the refined beauty of golf – with some twists.  Read more…

More about Game, Golf, Mas… Read More

Startup Entitlement Syndrome: Why Your Cash Request Sounds Ridiculous!

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There’s a nasty elephant that resides in nearly every investor’s conference room around the world. And that Woolly-mammoth-sized elephant is called “entitlement.”
And why is it that startup founders today… Read more »

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3 Unusual Businesses Still Standing Strong

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It’s said that 50 percent of small businesses fail after their first five years. Indeed, many of us will have gone through such agonizing disappointment, our entrepreneurial dreams smashed into a million little pieces. And if it doesn’t happen to us, then it will be a close friend or family member who suffers this stressful experience. Still, some unusual business ventures last beyond all projections.

What is the esoteric enterprising elixir that separates business success from failure? Why do the most niche businesses manage to stay afloat for decades and sometimes even generations? 


Those are questions many would-be business moguls have mulled over for years. The truth is that there’s actually no secret formula. It’s usually a mixture of self-belief, chance, and a sixth sense. Combined, these work together to help business owners adapt their offering or stick … Read More

Here’s to Empathy in Business

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Here’s to Empathy in Business written by Jenna Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing

Marketing Podcast with Minter Dial

Minter Dial

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Minter Dial a professional speaker, history fanatic, and president and founder of Digitalproof Consultancy, a strategic firm providing digital and brand consulting to clients. He is also an award-winning author, including his latest book Heartificial Empathy, Putting He… Read More

Jinx, buy me a Coke: Unpacking one of Jim and Pam's greatest 'Office' episodes

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Jinx, buy me a Coke: Unpacking one of Jim and Pam's greatest 'Office' episodes

In early seasons of The Office much of Jim and Pam’s relationship was unspoken. They had a great friendship, shared office gossip, and planned elaborate pranks on co-workers. But their romantic feelings for each other were reduced to subtle flirts, meaningful glances, and excruciatingly long silences.

The non-verbal moments in their relationship gradually built up and toppled over in the show’s Season 2 finale, “Casino Night,” but two episodes before Pam jinxed Jim and he had to remain silent for the majority of the workday.

Though Jim couldn’t actually speak to Pam in Season 2, Episode 20, “Drug Testing,” it was one of their greatest and most telling interactions yet. And on the latest episode of the Office Ladies podcast, former co-stars Je… Read More

How to Get High-Quality Backlinks

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How to Get High-Quality Backlinks written by Jenna Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing

Getting backlinks can seem like a daunting task. How do you get other businesses to link to your site online?

If you don’t have any backlinks yet you can get up and running pretty quickly by tapping your existing partners and resources within your community. Things like the local chamber of commerce online listings, alumni directories for the founders’ schools, and church and community directories are great places to start. This is the low-hanging fruit, and getting these backlinks set up is a great way to ease into the next steps in a backlink strategy.

Once you’ve established those links, it’s time to move onto more advanced tactics. Gathering more backlinks should be an ongoing effort, and if you’re looking for legitimate ways to get backlinks, these are the best way to do it.

Research Competitors Backlinks

Start by investigating your competitors. … Read More

Spend the weekend learning a new skill with these 10 great online classes

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Spend the weekend learning a new skill with these 10 great online classes

The pandemic has completely changed the concept of online learning. It’s no longer just for the working parent pursuing their degree after their children fall asleep or the college student whose professor is out sick. It’s for all of us. It actually has been for a while, but we somehow managed to not notice all the opportunities right under our noses and next to our open Twitter tabs. 

So, how about spending this weekend diving into all the lessons that the magical internet has to offer? We know, weekends are typically when you take a break from work but since our world has been flipped upside down, habits have changed.  Read more…

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