Best Bollinger Bands Indicators for Successful Forex Trading

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Bollinger Bands are one of the key indicators Forex traders use to guide their success in the market. Developed by John Bollinger in the 1980’s, Bollinger Bands consist of two moving bands. These bands show the two standard deviations above and below the market’s moving average.

Since John Bollinger’s time, several Bollinger Bands indicators have come along. Traders use these indicators to discover inversion patterns, trends, and price breakouts. In this article, we investigate three of those indicators.

How Traders Use Bollinger Bands Indicators

Bollinger Bands trading strategies help price action Forex traders study the market. Then traders can more clearly see when the breakout price for a particular stock is likely to occur. (The breakout price is the point at which the two bands in the Bollinger Band indicator cross each other.) This helps them more precisely characterize their be… Read More

Take a break from stressing and watch these puppies explore an aquarium

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Take a break from stressing and watch these puppies explore an aquarium

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5 Powerful Tools for Digital Marketing Success

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Today, the role of digital in your overall marketing strategy is unquestionable. Moreover, the rapid growth of digital marketing has brought with it a range of methods and solutions for making the most of what the Internet has to offer. From SEO to PPC to social, video, email, and beyond, there are more options for digital marketing now than ever before. However, utilizing them for real digital marketing success is becoming increasingly complex.


Digital Marketing Success Will Keep You Ahead of the Pack

Staying ahead of the competition is no longer something you can do alone. There’s simply too much work to do. For example, your success with digital marketing will take planning, implementing, analyzing, and improving the elements that make up your digital strategy. Therefore, to maintain a steady pace, consider utilizing these five powerful tools for digital marke… Read More

# 1 Reason Why Google Doesn’t Rank You in Top 10

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  Every blogger wants their blog posts to rank high in search engines preferably in top 10 or top 5 so they can get the most traffic and monetize their blogs. Everyone wants it and many bloggers are working really hard to achieve their rankings goals. But unfortunately, very few bloggers can do it. Most […]… Read More

How to Adjust to Work-From-Home Life

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There are a lot of people all over the world that are suddenly adjusting to working from home. It can be a major shift from working in an office or even from working at a library or cafe, as some do. It’s a major change, shifting from an environment with lots of coworkers and a frequently-present boss to working in an environment where you’re by yourself most of the time with occasional contact with coworkers and supervisors via phone calls, videoconferences and other forms of digital communication.

I’ve been working from home for twelve years and, along the way, I’ve learned a lot of things about how to do it effectively. What follows is something of a “beginner’s guide” to working from home, collecting together much of what I’ve learned over the years.

Let’s dig in.

Designate a “start time” and a “stop time.”

It’s absolutely vital that you have borders on your work time at home… Read More

How to Create a Brand Style Guide

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How to Create a Brand Style Guide written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing

When you’re starting your business, you spend a lot of time considering your brand. You want to find a name that fits just right and design a logo that represents the essence of who you are and what you do.

Once it’s out in the world, though, it’s tougher to protect that beautiful brand you’ve created. You want people to talk about your business, but what happens when they mispronounce your name? Or perhaps they post about your product on their blog, but change up your logo to match the color scheme on their website. Or maybe you sponsor an event, only to arrive on the day and find that your logo has been truncated on the signage the hosts created. These are the kinds of branding no-nos that make every marketer cringe.

So what can you do to ensure that your brand continues to be represented properly as your name spreads far and wide? That’s wh… Read More

Coronavirus and Your Car Insurance: A Practical Guide

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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every part of daily life, from sheltering in place to lost paychecks. While car insurance is no exception, the good news is that every major provider has pledged to help Americans in need like never before. To separate fact from fiction, we spoke with experts and analysts across the country to determine exactly how the coronavirus crisis will affect your car insurance.

Should I change my auto coverage because of COVID-19?

If your auto insurance bill is a burden on your budget right now, Ariana Gibson, Head of Driver Insights at Clearcover, told us, “our recommendation for those customers who are looking to save money on premiums is to contact their insurance provider to discuss increasing their deductible or reducing their limits.”

While you can definitely reach out to your insurance company to see if your lowered mileage could mean a discounted rate, keep the following in mind: Don’t cancel coverage you’ll need in the future…. Read More