The most life-ruining pop culture crushes of 2019

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The most life-ruining pop culture crushes of 2019

This list is not just about being horny. 

Thirst is a key component of a life-ruining pop culture crush, naturally — but there must be something a little off about the way you thirst for a fictional character or famous figure. 

Perhaps this crush reveals something you’d have preferred not to know about yourself. Perhaps they spoil all other potential or existing paramours for you with their unattainable perfection. Sometimes, a life-conquering crush just derails your week or month or, well, life — you’ll find yourself googling them and mindlessly scrolling pages of image results, or watching the late night show you can’t stand just because they’re on it for five minutes, or just thinking about them saying “Climb in my fur” every damn day. Read more…

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All the books, TV shows and movies Stephen King recommended in 2019

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All the books, TV shows and movies Stephen King recommended in 2019

If you count yourself as a hardcore Stephen King fan, chances are you’ve probably read a decent chunk of the horror master’s work.

But have you read the stuff he’s been reading? Or watching, for that matter?

Anyone who’s dipped in to King’s On Writing memoir will know that he’s more than happy to talk about the fiction he most enjoys; the end of the book contains a hefty list of titles which King says have “entertained and taught” him, stretching all the way up to 2009.

But what about his more recent fictional recommendations? 

Below is a pretty hefty list of all the books, TV shows and movies King has recommended via his Twitter feed in 2019. (We’ve included the adaptations of his own work that King has spoken positively about, too, because — although he’s obviously bia… Read More

Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Attorney for Your Business

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A criminal charge can jeopardize a person’s future. However, an experienced criminal attorney will relieve you of stress and improve your chances of winning.


Have You Been Charged with a Crime?

A criminal charge is often nerve-racking, regardless of whether you’re guilty or innocent. People might suggest you represent yourself in court. However, managing everything all alone, including filing documents, gathering evidence, and facing police interrogations, can be daunting. Add to that the fear of making a wrong move, which could translate into more fines, severe charges, or a heavier sentence, and a criminal charge can be terrifying. 

Moreover, a criminal charge can jeopardize a person’s future and devastate his or her family. Therefore, for building a better defense, and to protect basic rights, it is preferable to hire a criminal… Read More

How to Write a Business Management Essay

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Many people are interested in pursuing a degree in business management. Are you one of these people? Such a degree opens wide your options because there are dozens of  career opportunities, including owning your own business.


The field of business management has evolved in spectacular fashion over recent decades. This is largely due to the role technology now plays. Moreover, it is safe to say that the practice of business management will continue to evolve. Therefore, now is an exciting time to pursue a course of studies in the field of business management.

What Does It Take to Write a Good Business Management Essay?

In your studies, you will soon learn that there are four essential aspects to the proper management of any business. These are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

The good news is that a course of studies in … Read More

10 Best Places to Buy Eyeglasses Online for Cheap (Prescription & Sunglasses)

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Up until a year or so ago, I always got my glasses at a traditional brick-and-mortar store. I often put my eye exam off because I didn’t want to spend $200 or more on a pair of glasses! That was when I realized; why don’t I buy my glasses online? I go to Amazon for… Continue…

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Thousands told to jump into the ocean as Australia's raging fires approached

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Thousands told to jump into the ocean as Australia's raging fires approached

The sun didn’t rise on New Year’s Eve. The summer morning in a small beach town on the east coast of Australia looked like a winter’s night. 

That black sky soon gave way to a blazing, eery orange as the flames approached. At least 4,000 people were told to jump into the ocean. Gas cylinders could be heard popping like fireworks as they exploded. 

The town of Mallacoota looked apocalyptic on Tuesday local time as it became the latest victim of Australia’s out-of-control bushfires.

It was too late to evacuate. 

“We are one road in, one road out. That road’s been blocked for hours and hours and hours,” Francesca Winterson from Mallacoota Community Radio told News Breakfast, a national TV broadcast.  Read more…

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Become an elite digital marketer in 2020 with this $39 course bundle

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Become an elite digital marketer in 2020 with this $39 course bundle

TL;DR: Become a digital marketing whiz with The 2020 Full Stack Digital Marketing Certification Bundle for $39, a 98% savings. 

While you can always learn to code and build websites, there are definitely other ways to make good money on the internet in 2020 – like digital marketing, for example. Digital marketing professionals are crazy in-demand these days, and you can make a solid starting salary using the digital platforms you’re on every day. You just need to learn all the hidden tricks lying beneath the surface.

Since digital marketing has expanded pretty drastically over the past few years, you’re going to need to know more than just how to set up an Instagram account. And this 2020 Full Stack Digital M… Read More

The Top 10 Duct Tape Marketing Podcast Episodes for 2019

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The Top 10 Duct Tape Marketing Podcast Episodes for 2019 written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing

2019 was another great year on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast. I chatted with some incredible guests, I did some solo shows where I could share a bit about the Duct Tape Marketing philosophy, and I got to share excerpts from my latest book, The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur, which was released in October.

In honor of an incredible year, I wanted to take a look back at the most popular episodes we aired in 2019.

If you enjoyed what you heard here, check out the full line-up of shows. We’ll be back the first full week in January with all new episodes and guests.

Pamela Wilson – Getting the Most Out of Your Content

Pamela Wilson is the founder … Read More

Sharon Stone gets on Bumble, gets blocked after users report her profile as fake

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Sharon Stone gets on Bumble, gets blocked after users report her profile as fake

Online dating ain’t easy if you’re a celebrity. 

Sharon Stone learned that the hard way when she created a profile on online dating app Bumble, only to get blocked because, essentially, no one believed it was really her.

“Your account has been blocked because we’ve received several reports about your profile being fake,” said the message Stone has received from Bumble, according to a screenshot she posted on Twitter. 

I went on the @bumble dating sight and they closed my account. 👁👁
Some users reported that it couldn’t possibly be me!
Hey @bumble, is being me exclusionary ? 🤷🏼‍♀️
Don’t shut me out of the hive 🐝

— Sharon Stone (@sharonstone) December 30, 2019 Read more…

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The best tweets of 2019

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The best tweets of 2019

If life is a classroom, Twitter is the chalkboard. 

The main point of Twitter is that there isn’t one. You can say whatever you want, whenever you want. While that can cause a ton of problems, it also allows for people to say what they’re truly feeling and thinking, which can be very relatable. I mean, where else on the internet can you scroll through a string of emojis typed by Cher, vitriol from the president, and a video of a baby in a wig.

Given the sheer number of tweets, it can be incredibly easy to miss the good ones, but don’t worry here are some of the greatest tweets of this year. 

Scroll. Enjoy. Retweet, if you’d like. Twitter is your oyster.  Read more…

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