Project 24 by Income School – My Highly Recommended Learning School

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    Product name: Project 24 Website: Price: 1 year for $449 then $199 / year Owners: Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler Overall rank: 9 out of 10     Income School is among my highly recommended schools and definitely in my top recommended online schools for affiliate marketing. I’ve been following these guys on […]… Read More

Tis the Season to Be Grateful and Joyful

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©2019 Laurel J. Delaney.  All rights reserved.We trust you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and are looking forward to the magic the holiday season brings to each of us.

This time of year is a moment to reflect and be grateful for all the good in our lives, and that includes you dear reader.  Thank you for following us all these years and reading what we have to say.  We appreciate you, and your interest!  It makes us want to write like crazy for you in 2020.

Let’s raise our glasses and toast to each other – wishing for a holiday season filled with love, joy, kindness, respect and gratefulness.

Oh, and one last thought for today:  Remember to smile because smiling makes you happier (there’s that joy!) and it… Read More

Even in 2019, your life would be easier with a reliable printer

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Even in 2019, your life would be easier with a reliable printer

TL;DR: The Brother Compact Monochrome Wireless Laser Printer (HL-L2350DW) is on sale for $89.99 for Black Friday/Cyber Monday at Amazon. That’s 25% off, saving you $30. 

It’s 2019, and printers might seem like they’re no longer a necessity, but maybe you’ve just never had one that works as well as the Brother compact monochrome wireless laser printer. I bought a version of this exact printer a few years ago on a friend’s recommendation, and it honestly changed my life. From printing out return labels (its main use), to movie and plane tickets so I don’t have to turn over my phone, to printing documents and using the scanner … Read More

How To Start Tutoring For Some Extra Cash

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E-learning has produced a lot of job opportunities. One of those opportunities is a tutoring job. The greatest advantage of a tutoring job is that you can work from home. In addition to that, you have the liberty of setting your own working hours. The good thing with a tutoring job is that geography and…

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Make Your Website ADA Compliant with accessiBe

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Image by Andrzej Rembowski from Pixabay 

Are you familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act, usually referred to as the ADA?

If you answered that question with a “no,” then the chances are good your website doesn’t comply with its standards.

And that’s bad.
Really bad.

Enter accessiBe

Image Source: accessiBe

People are getting sued left and right—and are losing—because their sites aren’t ADA compliant. Considering the fact that settling these types of lawsuits can cost between $50,000 and $75,000, you probably don’t want to experience an ADA-related lawsuit.

That’s why we need to talk about accessiBe, an AI-powered web accessibility platform that will make your website easily accessible for persons with disabilities.

The platform can help you comply fully with the… Read More

How POS Systems Are Changing

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…and Why You Need to Pay Attention

Not too long ago, POS systems were at the forefront of modern hospitality technology. They were unrivaled in their ability to provide a seamless experience and service delivery for both diners and operators.

Now, POS systems (point-of-sale systems) have become an expected part of the hospitality scene. However, significant changes promise to radicalize the way we interact with these vital systems.

Read on if you are curious to learn how these POS systems are changing, and why you need to pay attention.

Cloud-Based POS Systems Are a Game-Changer

A cloud-based POS system has changed the game for many business owners, allowing for greater mobility and enhanced data capabilities.

Okay, but what does that mean in real-life circumstances?

It means that restaurant owners can now add, remove, and optimize items from their menu. Additionally, they can review the booking numbers for current an… Read More

Income School vs Wealthy Affiliate. Who is the Winner?

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  I recently wrote my review about Income School’s Project 24 and now I want to compare two programs to see which one is better, Wealthy Affiliate or Income School. Because both programs are 100% legit and I like their approach to teaching people how to build an online business from scratch. Both programs have many […]… Read More

Walmart's Black Friday pricing on the Roomba robot vacuum is still live

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Walmart's Black Friday pricing on the Roomba robot vacuum is still live

TL;DR: The Alexa-enabled, self-charging iRobot Roomba 670 robot vacuum is on sale for only $197 at Walmart. It’s normally $329.99, so you’ll save $132.99.

Did you miss Walmart’s epic Black Friday deal on the Shark ION R75? Never fear: There’s another amazing discount on a WiFi-enabled robot vacuum in town, and it’ll save you just as much dough. 

Here’s the sitch: If you head over to Walmart’s website right now, you can still take advantage of its Black Friday pricing on the iRobot Roomba 670. (That’s right: You don’t even have to brave the holiday weekend crowds for this one.) It typically retails for $32… Read More

30 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

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  Blogging Mistake # 1 – Don’t choose a niche you are not interested in One of the common blogging mistakes people do when starting a blog is choosing a niche they are not passionate about. This is really important and should not be underestimated. Many people choose a niche they are not interested at all. […]… Read More

Experts Chime In 5 Tips for Shipping and Handling Dangerous Goods

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Virtually all hazardous materials can be shipped, received, and handled safely if appropriate precautions are taken. In just about every case, though, it will take plenty of knowledge, preparation, and… Read more »

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