The Fearless Fund for Black Women Entrepreneurs

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A $5 million venture capital fund to support startups created by women of color has been launched by Actress Keshia Knight Pulliam.  She has teamed with entrepreneur Arian Simone to make this happen.
“The Fearless fund is designed to change the narrative as it relates to funding allocated to women of color,” says Simone.Read more about the venture capital fund for black women entrepreneurs…. Read More

'Joker' review roundup: What critics thought of the Batman villain's standalone debut

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The Joker has been depicted by so many actors that it’s hard to remember them all. Whether it’s the hyperactive and goofy Cesar Romero, the hilarious and witty Jack Nicholson, the menacing and magnetic Heath Ledger, or Jared Leto, everybody has a favorite live-action Joker.

One thing none of those actors got to do, however, was carry an entire movie as the Clown Prince of Crime. Joaquin Phoenix is the l… Read More

Top 5 Reasons Why Social Entrepreneurship Is A Trending Business

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Businesses which are unique strive to have a relationship with others that is beyond a sales relationship. Such a relationship shows that you care for customers, you care about the country and you care about the planet. One of the most effective ways of doing this is through social entrepreneurship. Here are top five reasons why social entrepreneurship is a trending business model. It Can Be Easier To Raise Capital There are ample social entrepreneurship opportunities which you can start without much capital. In addition to that, upcoming social entrepreneurs can seek the following three main sources of capital: Philanthropists

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Protect Your Business on All Fronts: 5 Basic Tips

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Security is an important part of any business. Not only do you need to have physical security systems in place, but cyber security is necessary, too. You never know who or what will strike, and you need to protect your business and assets. If you’re looking for suggestions on security measures, you’re in luck. Here are five basic things to protect your business. Whether digital or physical, protection is important.

Security Cameras

For your physical facility, security cameras are the most basic but essential security measure for protecting your business. For example, placing cameras in important and overlooked areas can alert you to suspicious behavior or anything amiss.

You’ll also obviously want to place one or a few cameras at any entrances to your building. There are plenty of camera models out there that you can use to protect your business. Some are incredibly small and can be easily hidden.

If you’re not sure where to… Read More

Should You Join an MLM?

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Somewhere on the Internet, you’ve likely stumbled across the phrase multi-level marketing (or MLM).

While MLM businesses come in all shapes and sizes, in a nutshell this business model has two guiding elements. First, the product is sold by representatives in exchange for commission. Second, reps are encouraged to recruit others to sell on their behalf.

Beachbody is one famous example, but there’s a huge
range of multi-level marketing businesses out there, selling everything from
cleaning products to cosmetics.

The appeal of these types of opportunities is probably pretty self-explanatory. You get to be your own boss. No pesky office politics to deal with. It’s all down to you, your determination, and your ability to make a sale.

Does an MLM Work?

But does it work?

Should you think about joinin… Read More

Getting Through the “Boring Middle”

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Most life changes go through three major steps.

At the start is the “honeymoon phase.” You’re enamored with the big goal you’ve set for yourself. You’re having fun exploring all the new changes you’re making in your life. It’s all novel and interesting. You’re seeing those first steps of progress and it’s super exciting.

At the end is the actual achievement of the goal, which feels great. You did it! You’re able to retire with a healthy retirement income. You’re able to finally launch your business. You’ve lost X pounds. That’s fantastic!

It’s the middle that’s the problem.

The “boring middle” is all of those steps that have to happen after the excitement of the “honeymoon period” wears off but before you even get close to the goal (it can get kind of exciting once you get pretty close to the goal and the destination starts to feel li… Read More

Get your internet privacy back with 64% off this highly-rated VPN

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TL;DR: Grab five years of PureVPN for $69.99 in the Mashable Shop. It’s typically $199.95, so you’ll save 64%.

If you’re still surfing online without a VPN, wake up. Your personal information, your passwords, and basically every move you make on the web are being watched. Privacy on the internet is practically extinct and the only way to protect yourself is by using a virtual private network.

Th… Read More

Disney's Star Wars hotel will not be the most relaxing place in the galaxy

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You can have a stress-free, get-away-from-it-all kind of vacation, or you can stay at the forthcoming immersive Star Wars hotel in the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida. But one thing is  increasingly clear: You can’t have both. 

Disney offered a bunch of new details about the hotel, now known as Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, at D23, and more details were unveiled at this week’… Read More

The weirdest stuff we saw on Amazon this week

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Well, dearest Mashable readers, another week has come and gone. One where the heavy-hitters of the fast food game warred over chicken sandwiches and tons of celebrities fell for an Instagram privacy hoax. Yes, a lot can happen in seven days on the internet.

And of course, the passing of another week also means the depths of Amazon have replenished themselves once again with a healthy dose of weird. So l… Read More

All the best Labor Day sales are right here — 4K TVs, mattresses, laptops

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Vacations and early closings on Fridays at the office are great, but summer ain’t as relaxing as it’s cracked up to be.

So it seems fitting that Labor Day rolls around at the beginning of September — it’s kind of the calendar’s way of saying “You’ve worked hard and I see you — here’s a Monday off.”

Labor Day sales show us that we all deserve a reward for that labor once in a whil… Read More