Android might finally get a better AirDrop alternative

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Google might finally deliver a viable version of AirDrop for Android phones.

The company is testing a new Android feature called “Fast Share” that would allow phone owners to wirelessly transmit photos, text, and other files to nearby devices using Bluetooth. The currently unreleased feature was uncovered by two separate publications, 9to5Google and XDA Developers.

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Podcasts for Female Entrepreneurs

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Happy Sunday everyone!  As you kick back, soak in the sun or drive to your best secluded getaway, give these podcasts a listen.  ForbesWomen contributor Bianca Barratt says:
Podcasts, in my [Bianca Barratt’s] opinion, remain one of the greatest resources for entrepreneurs, offering mentorship, guidance and expertise from successful businesswomen for free.Learn more about some really good podcasts for female entrepreneurs.

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Apple MacBook Pro, Amazon Cloud Cam, LG 4K TV, and more for June 30

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Been meaning to start a Twitch streaming account, but lack the direction and equipment? Lucky for you, Fourth of July is around the corner, so you’ll have free time to kick start this new venture. To help you out, we picked out the best deals around the web.

The first item is the Respawn racing style gaming chair, saving 39% off the listed price. It’s vital to have a comfortable chair as you’ll be on it… Read More

This Amazon Web Services online course could help you kick off a new career

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TL;DR: Snag the AWS Master Class Bundle in the Mashable Shop for just $39 and kickstart a whole new career.

Who runs the world? Amazon. Plain and simple. If you don’t have your own Prime membership, you probably depend on someone else’s, because who could survive without two-day shipping?

The thing is that most of Amazon’s operating income doesn’t even come from their retail site. Instead, the t… Read More

The 'most popular' Joe Biden website is a Republican troll

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Joe Biden has an SEO problem. 

The former vice president and current Democratic primary competitor hoping to become the party nominee has an official campaign website where he asks for donations and touts his various legislative accomplishments. There’s just one problem: that website has, for some time now, been eclipsed by a troll website lightly masquerading as a pro-Biden page. 

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Former 'Iceman' writer shines a light on Marvel's struggles with representation

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In January, there was much excitement around comic book writer Sina Grace, his Iceman series for Marvel Comics, and his latest creation: Shade, Marvel’s first drag queen superhero.

Much has changed since thenIceman is apparently done after five issues, Shade is now called Darkveil, and, with his Marvel work seemingly concluded, Grace has quite a bit to say about how the comics publisher operates behind … Read More

The Power of a Professional Presentation

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Do you become a bundle of nerves when you know you need to make a presentation? In this post, we share some tips to help you make your next presentation your most powerful presentation yet.

you own a business, you are likely to find yourself making presentations before
investors or your peers. However, if public speaking isn’t your forte, there is
nothing like a looming presentation to shake up those nerves. That’s because
you know that everything about you, from your clothes to the content of your
project, will be under scrutiny.

Your presentation could be the vehicle that launches you into stardom at your company. It might be the bait that hooks the big “whale” of a client for your firm. In fact, it can be just what your fledgling startup company needs to attract investors who want to play a role in the growth of your business.

Therefore, if you have an upcoming presentation, the worst thing tha… Read More

Viral Traffic Machine Review – Introducing Viral Lying Machine

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  Product name: Viral Traffic Machine Website: Price: $17-$197 Owners: David Kirby Overall rank: 1 out of 10 Verdict: Borderline scam   Online market is vast and anyone can get a share of it in the form of traffic and then convert that traffic into an income. If you can do it once it’s […]… Read More

Books with Impact: You Need a Budget

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The “Books with Impact” series takes a deeper look at specific books that have had a profound impact on my financial, professional, and personal growth by extracting specific points of advice from those books and looking at how I’ve applied them in my life with successful results. The previous entry in this series covered Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith.

You Need a Budget was the first personal finance software package I really fell in love with. I dabbled with Microsoft Money (RIP) and Quicken when I was first turning my finances around, but it was You Need a Budget that really clicked with me when I started using a spreadsheet-based version of the software many years ago, and I still use You Need a Budget 4 (the last standalone version of the software) on occasion when trying to get a clear picture of my finances because I simply love how it handles and displays my financial information.

What drew me to the software more than anything, however, was the philosop… Read More