What Jake and Logan Paul's new gossip channel says about the state of YouTube

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Can you really discuss drama if you’re at the center of the drama?

We regret to inform you that Jake and Logan Paul are teaming up once again — this time, they’re skipping their usual impossibly loud antics to sit down and unpack YouTube drama in a shared tea channel called Jake ‘n Logan.

Their first video predictably opens with the brothers squawking at the camera. 

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6 Reasons Metadata Needs to be a Major Focus in Online Business

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Metadata is data about data. Because data covers an endless source of information (via documents, images, video, spreadsheets, etc.), it’s a priority for IT. Least of all because metadata managements… Read more »

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4 Exciting Ways to Publicize Your Business

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There are many ways to publicize your business. Some strategies, like advertising, need investment. However, others are free. Some need constant monitoring. Some pay off immediately, and some show results in the longer run.

With any of them, you can find ways of saving money. Then you’ll be able to
focus on how you are spending your hard-earned money on your marketing efforts.
Here are some creative strategies to publicize your business.

1. Send out Press Releases

Large corporations send press releases frequently. However, small and
midsize businesses often do not realize that they will benefit from this
publicity tactic.

While you’ll be able to pay somebody to write your press releases, it isn’t
hard. You could try and do it yourself. Learn the right format and use it. For
example, always ensure that your press releases are written as communications
instead of as ads.

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Retiring, Sooner or Later

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Marie wrote in with a really nice mailbag question:

Do you think it’s better to retire a few years early and have to live with a tight budget or keep working for a few more years which will probably be your healthiest years so you can have more money when you retire? I’m 57 and can retire now but things would be lean for me. If I work until 60 things will be much better as I will have a lot more in retirement savings and less time to wait until Social Security kicks in.

There are a ton of ways to look at this question. I’ll just walk through how I would look at it.

The big question I’d have in Marie’s shoes would be what does my downside plan look like? In other words, what exactly will I do if I get into retirement and realize that I need more income?

If I needed to, could I can easily return to the workforce, get a job of some kind that earns enough to really make a difference for my life, and start earning enough mon… Read More

Invoice Discounting or Invoice Factoring: A Comparison

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Invoice factoring and invoice discounting are two viable options for businesses seeking alternative funding in these uncertain times. But what is the difference between the two? And which one is better for your business?

First, Some Background

The specter of Brexit lingers, and major banks warn of a potential knock-on effect for business borrowing in the UK. For example, the Royal Bank of Scotland is the latest bank to suggest that Brexit uncertainty could continue to delay and hinder business borrowing decisions, as the brand announced a fall in profits for the first three months of 2019.

With this in mind, it’s little wonder that entrepreneurs are seeking out alternative sources of funding in the modern age. That’s because, regardless of the times, they look to drive their ventures forward as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

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6 Of The Best Marketing Techniques For Photographers

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Starting your personal photography business can be difficult. There are dozens of hurdles that new business owners must handle whenever they want to get their business off the ground. Unfortunately,… Read more »

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Creative Ways To Get Referrals For Any Freelancer

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As a freelancer, especially if you’re new in the industry, you will want to have a good number of clients to ensure that there is progress and continuity in your profession. However, getting clients is not always an easy task. Consequently, you need to find creative ways to get referrals to keep your business moving in the right direction. The following are some of the most creative ways you can use to get yourself referrals as a freelancer. Take Advantage Of Business Cards Business cards are a great tool you can use to get referrals. But make sure that you

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5 Smart Office Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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Whether you have a home office or go to a large building in the city center, maintaining a clean working environment is critical. Regular office cleaning is necessary to prevent dirt and clutter from slowing you down and reducing your work efficiency.

Keeping your office clean is not an easy task, but with the right tips and some help from reputable office cleaning services, you will find it easier.

Tidy Your Work Desk

When cleaning your office, your desk should be the first place you pay serious attention to. That’s because this is where you perform all your official duties. Make sure the objects you put on your desk, such as your phone, monitor, keyboard, and the rest are also clean.

Also, when cleaning your office, make sure to keep sharp objects in a safe and secure place. After cleaning your desk, avoid taking meals or leaving behind leftovers so that it remains clean and tidy all the time…. Read More

'Always Be My Maybe' shines brightest when it's weirdest

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When this reporter some movie fans learned that comedians Ali Wong and Randall Park were teaming up to write and star in a rom-com, the reaction was effectively “inject it directly into my veins.”

Their Netflix outing Always Be My Maybe, directed by Fresh Off the Boat’s Nahnatchka Khan, doesn’t defy genre conventions, but it feels like a triumph nonetheless. The film thrives in embracing its own weirdnes… Read More