Using Your True Hourly Discretionary Income to Make Smarter Purchases

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One of my favorite personal finance ideas is the true hourly wage.

Your true hourly wage is an easy concept to understand. Basically, you add up all of the hours you either work or devote to work-related tasks in a year (this includes things like your commute or working at home), then you add up all extra expenses that you incur due to work in a year (taxes, clothing, commuting costs, fuel, and so on). Take your annual salary, subtract all of the extra work-related expenses, and then divide that resulting number by the total number of hours devoted to work, and you get your true hourly wage.

So, for example, let’s say I make $50,000 a year. I work 40 hours a week for 50 weeks a year, but I have to spend one hour commuting each day, I spend about 10 hours a month working at home, I spend about five hours a month at work related dinners, and I spend another 30 hours a month traveling. That adds up to 2,740 hours in a year.

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How Hard Is It to Quit Your Big Bank? I’m About to Find Out

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Banking is a relationship, and its breakups are as logistically difficult as any other.

Consumers may not feel emotionally connected to their banks, but they are tied to financial institutions in other ways that can make it hard to walk away. For more than a decade, I’ve been in just such a banking relationship with Bank of America, and I’m finding it far easier to stay than to go.

Back in 2007, I moved to Boston and discovered that Bank of America was basically everywhere I looked. It had acquired local bank FleetBoston just three years earlier and had outposts all over the city. There was one near my apartment, a Bank of America ATM at my subway station, a branch near my job, a branch near my next job, and a branch just down the street from the apartment I later moved into with my wife.

It was incredibly convenient for me to stop in and withdraw cash from ATMs without fees, deposit checks when a direct-deposit option wasn’t available, and to … Read More

San Diego Padres stay classy with 'Anchorman' race

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The Milwaukee Brewers race sausages (tasty!). The Washington Nationals race presidents (America!). But the latest entry into the MLB comically sized mascots running for the laughs of drunk baseball fans might be the classiest.

The San Diego Padres debuted the Anchorman runners on Friday, and in the words of Ron Burgundy, “Don’t act like you’re not impressed.”

Burgundy ra… Read More

What Does the Big Mac Index Have to Do with Forex Trading?

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What is the Big Mac Index, and what does it have to do with forex trading? Read on to find out.

In the most fundamental sense, forex trading is about the differences in the real value of currencies.

Money represents the value of a given economy. Moreover, the prices of things within a country usually determine the long-term price of currencies. Currency pairs fluctuate around those differences. But what does a McDonald’s hamburger have to do with that?


What Is the Big Mac Index?

For those who don’t know, the The Economist publishes the Big Mac Index. It’s an unofficial way of measuring the relative value of currencies, and it turns out to be reliable enough to guide policy. (However, there is a more technical measurement called PPP, which we’ll get to later.)

How it works is that McDonald’s makes its signature hamburger with the exact same ingre… Read More

3 Education Business Ideas You Can Run from Anywhere

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For qualified teachers and students alike, additional cash coming in is always a blessing. But have you ever considered that you could create your own financial blessing by starting an education business on the side?

Teachers are often expected to contribute their own materials to the classroom, and this costs money. Meanwhile, many students live life with their finances in the red. They, too, need some extra income to help them out while they get their education.

Take Advantage of Your Education and Your Skills

However, getting this additional cash is easier than you might expect. There are countless educational side hustles and opportunities to take advantage of. This is true regardless of the position you’re in.

The key is to understand what you are skilled at and take advantage of those skills. For example, when it comes to teachers and further education students, it’s your expertise and vast knowledge in a specific subject that’s inv… Read More

5 Passive Income Ideas For Very Busy Entrepreneurs

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Did you know that even with your busy schedule you can still make passive income? Once established, passive income streams require less effort to manage, thus giving busy entrepreneurs the opportunity to continue earning. If you’re a busy business person and you want to increase your income, there are various passive income ideas you can pursue. Here are 5 ideas that you can consider implementing to expand your revenue significantly. 1. Consider Upselling Opportunities If you’re an engaged entrepreneur but you still want to make more money, upselling opportunities will give you a viable channel for making this possible. Depending

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5 Important Secrets to Starting a Successful Urgent Care Center

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You’re sure to stumble across pitfalls when you launch any startup. Minor mistakes can lead to big and costly headaches later on. Urgent care centers are also prone to some of these mistakes in the beginning stages. Here are some ways you can prevent these mistakes when starting your own urgent care center.

Choose the Right Location for Your Urgent Care Center

The worst thing you can do is choose the wrong location for your urgent care center. Moreover, choosing the right location requires some sort of balance. For example, you might want to stick to your hometown. However, that’s not always the best approach. You should consider opening a center in your hometown only if there’s a desperate need for urgent care in your area.

Another big mistake you can make is opening an urgent care center in an area with a low population. On the other hand, launching your center in a community that is densely populated area will increase the potential for in… Read More