Kanye West's comments about the 13th Amendment are confusing and bad

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Oh no.

Kanye West took to social media on Sunday to tell everyone that he supports the messages of Donald Trump while wearing a MAGA hat. In the same tweet, he wrote that he wants to abolish the 13th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America — the one that abolished slavery.

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Starting a Business As a Route Into a Career in Music

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Taking place at Nottingham’s brand new venue Metronome on Wednesday, October 10, leading female entrepreneurs will share valuable insights into starting a business as a route into a career in music.

There will be an impressive all-female line up of speakers running successful businesses across the music industry who will be looking to inspire the next generation at Women In Music’s next event.
“Music is about creating something new and celebrating that creation. Having more women in music would breathe new life into the industry, so encouraging females to choose our path is something I personally get passionate about and that is why I am part of setting up our Women In Music activities such as this,” [says Katie Muckle, DHP Fam… Read More

Shane Dawson almost breaks in 'The Dark Side of Jake Paul'

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Shane Dawson released the second episode of his Jake Paul docu-series, and … things don’t look so good. 

The Dark Side of Jake Paul opens with a scene from one of Paul’s vlogs. Dawson looks into how Paul treats his Team 10 roommates, showing a clip of him pranking fellow YouTuber Tessa Brooks with the “buried alive prank.” 

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Smothering her in blankets while she sl… Read More

As Google Search turns 20, its biggest challenge is winning over skeptics

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Google Search is 20 years old today. Judging by the Google Doodle and recent feature upgrades, Google would like the day to be a celebration of how the company’s algorithms have evolved over the years, cementing its position as the dominant player in the space.

But, more than ever, tech doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Google Search is turning 20 in a time where the public is questioning both our relationship with technology and the fundamental principles and mo… Read More

Don’t Get Blindsided by These Retirement Risks

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Retirement planning doesn’t let you just run out the clock; any number of threats can turn a winning plan into a loss.

Unforeseen circumstances are the downfall of any great retirement plan, and they don’t all have to be tragedies. Unexpected deaths can wreak havoc on retirement and estate planning, but so can an unexpectedly long life. Meanwhile, a changing economic climate leaves retirement funds vulnerable to an increased cost of living. So how do you combat these changes?

We talked to Thomas Walsh, a certified financial planner with Palisades Hudson Financial Group in Atlanta, who brought four key retirement threats to our attention. He also laid out strategies for dealing with all four while not deviating too significantly from a retirement plan.

1. Premature death of a spouse

It isn’t something that most people want to think about, but premature death doesn’t only affect estate planning, inheritance, and succession planning (if you … Read More

The Al Fresco Assessment – Giving Your Cafe Experience a Caffeine Hit

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“The cafe was dark and gloomy as George unlocked the door in the early morning light. Soon, it would be a rush of activity, with orders coming in. Sitting outside,… Read more »

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Real Estate Auctions are Attractive to Investors and Entrepreneurs. Here’s Why

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Are you interested in real estate auctions as a participant, or even as the host of the auctions? If so, read on for the basics below.
Auctioning is quite an… Read more »

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Kavanaugh says he didn't even watch Dr. Ford's testimony

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Yes, you read that headline right. 

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified before the Senate on Thursday about Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual assault.

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Later during the hearing, Senator Kamala Harris asked Kavanaugh, “Did you watch Dr. Ford’s testimony?”

“I did not,” Kavanaugh admitted. “I planned to, but I did not. I was preparing mine.” 

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Level up your business skills by taking an online course

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Go to business school, they said. It will widen your network, boost your credibility, and enhance your earning potential, they said.

While all these things ring true, going to B-school requires shelling out Big Bucks and dedicating a few years of your life to hitting the books, attending classes, and breaking your back completing dissertations — which to some people might seem like a Very Bad Idea™ indeed.

If you don’t think the MBA rou… Read More