Save up to $650 during HP's Labor Day sale

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Have you been dying to outfit your home office with a brand new desktop? Biting your nails, waiting for the moment your ancient laptop finally gives up the ghost?

Don’t let this situation get to death-rattle territory. Friends, it’s time to upgrade — and HP has you covered. From Labor Day through mid-September, the company is offering discounts on over 20 different laptops and desktops, with free shipping and returns, plus price matching…. Read More

When Is It Time? (and Other Hard Questions About Retirement)

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Jim writes in:

How do you know when it is time to retire? Also how should you invest in retirement? Advice seems to be to go more conservative with investments but what if you’re retired for a long time?

Jim is actually an old friend of mine who has read The Simple Dollar almost since its inception. He asked me the other day whether he could submit a mailbag question and I said, “Of course, but try to keep it short because short mailbag questions are more readable,” and then he dropped that on my lap. It’s definitely a short question and a very good question, but it goes far beyond what I can answer in a few paragraphs in the mailbag.

So, let’s open up this can of worms. As is usually the case, I’m going to keep my response in simple terms, but you can keep going on the specific points raised here with further reading for pretty much as long as you can imagine.

When Is It Time to Retire?

There is no specific age at whic… Read More

Why Your Business Should Offer a Customer Loyalty Program

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Whether you run a restaurant, a book store, a gym, or similar kind of business, success boils down to one thing: getting customers to come back. That might seem simple in theory. However, gaining customer loyalty can be tricky in reality.




In any industry, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of competitors ready and willing to take your business. This is doubly true if you live in a big city. Your business needs to be creative to keep people coming back. One way to do that is by rewarding customer loyalty.


What Is a Customer Loyalty Program?

So what is a customer loyalty program? It is an infrastructure businesses can implement in order to reward their regular customers for bringing in their repeat business. You have no doubt seen punch cards offered by coffee shops and diners. Often, they offer something like one free coffee after the purchase of ten… Read More

Technology Trends that will Impact the Dental Industry

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Dental practices are seeing major shifts in terms of new technology and how it’s used. From 3D mapping to enterprise software, clients expect the latest services. clinics and independent practitioners… Read more »

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Transcript of How to Create a Morning Routine that Breeds Success

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Transcript of How to Create a Morning Routine that Breeds Success written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing

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John Jantsch: There’s a lot of people that believe how you start your day is how your day is going to pretty much unfold. Your morning routine dictates how inspired you’ll be for the day. In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I speak with Benjamin Spall, he’s the author of My Morning Routine and also, where they have collected all the morning routines of hundreds of successful folks, and it’s definitely something you’re going to want to check out.

Stuff like payroll and benefits are hard, that’s why I switched to Gusto. And to help support the show, Gusto is offering our listeners an exclusive, limited time deal… Read More

Why On Demand Home Services Are Creating More Job Opportunities

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In case you hadn’t noticed, the popularity of on demand home services has grown substantially over the past few years and it shows no signs of slowing down. Busy home owners and even renters are willing to pay someone to do their chores so they can get on with their own work or enjoy a little free time. Popular on demand home services include cleaning, gardening, shopping and dog-walking, just to name a few. And because this is an ever growing industry, there are now many more job opportunities in this field for enterprising opportunists. Below are a few reasons

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26 Uber for Kids: Make Money as a Driver & Save Money as a Parent (Simultaneously!)

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Tired of driving crazy passengers around as an Uber driver but still want to make money with your car? Parents, are you tired of paying hefty transportation fees for your kids when you can’t drive them? Looking for cheaper alternative kid transportation services near you? Enter Uber for kids! There are actually a bunch of ridesharing… Continue…

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Is a Sales Enablement App the Cure for an Underperforming Sales Team?

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If your sales team is underperforming, sales enablement may be the solution. A sales enablement platform streamlines the sales process. However, sales enablement isn’t a catch-all solution. It can’t fix fundamental problems with your team members or management.

It’s important to look at the many internal factors that could be causing your sales team to underperform. You need to identify whether the problem lies with your processes or with even deeper issues. In this article, we look at some of the main problems that cause sales teams to underperform. We also ask whether a sales enablement platform can resolve these problems.




The Top Reasons Why a Sales Team Underperforms

There are a number of reasons why sales teams underperform. Some of these are easier to fix than others. The reason might be critical flaws … Read More