The ultimate gift guide for college grads

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Ah, graduation. It’s a big step in the lives of young adults everywhere, a time for them to say goodbye to their college years and enter the world of adulthood.

It’s a time for celebration. And with any celebration comes gifts.

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Why SEO Is Such a Vital Part of Your Business Operations

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There are so many different elements involved in running a business. You have to make sure you cover all the areas that matter. If you want your company to succeed, you can’t ignore the things that matter. You need to do what you can to embrace the important aspects of running a company. For instance, you’ve got to understand the vital role that search engine optimization, or SEO, plays in your company’s success.

Your business runs like a well oiled machine. At least that’s true if you’re doing all the right things, including properly managing your company’s SEO.

Search engine optimization is like a motor that keeps a machine moving toward its target. You already know how important it is to market and promote your company properly. SEO is key to your efforts in this regard.


It’s All About Your Brand

When you market your business, it’s important to draw awareness to your brand. This is one of the areas in which search… Read More

Figuring Out ‘The Good Life’

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A few weeks ago, I had a great conversation with a few good friends about what exactly it means to “live the good life.” It turned out that we all had somewhat different views on what “the good life” actually is.

For one person at the table, it meant that he could simply have things he wanted. If he wanted to have a certain thing or do a certain thing and he could mostly just do it or have it, then he was living a good life.

For another person at the table, someone who had dealt with a long illness and may not ever fully recover, the “good life” simply meant a day with minimal pain while going outside and doing stuff.

For me? I thought about it for a bit and said that, for me, a good life is one with little “background stress,” meaning that there were minimal ongoing things that worried me.

The idea of the “good life” is a core idea of philosophy, often described with a single Greek word, eudaimo… Read More

Important Facts About the U.S. Income Tax Filing Deadline in 2018

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Have you taken care of your U.S. tax filing for your business this year? Or do you plan to file for a personal tax refund with the IRS? Well, you are running of time on both counts. That’s because the U.S. tax filing deadline is April 17, 2018.

If you are not sure what to do, we have a handy guide to share with you. That’s because the nice folks at PDFelement have compiled a useful infographic to guide you.

What’s more, you can use this infographic as a step-by-step guide when you’re applying for a tax refund from the IRS. Additionally, it touches on some vital facts about the U.S. tax system. You’ll learn how the tax system works, how revenue is generated, and some interesting facts about how people use their tax refunds.


U.S. Tax Revenue Facts

The first statistic in this infographic that catches the eye is that U.S. tax revenue stood at around $3.46 trillion in 2017.

In 2013 that number was $2.78 trillion. I… Read More

Learn how to code with ReactJS for less than $40

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There’s a reason coding is one of the most in-demand skills to have on your résumé. Whether you’re building the next million dollar app or social media platform from scratch, adding personal touches to your blog, or troubleshooting an everyday tech problem, it’s useful in just about every industry. 

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Get a great pair of earbuds for less than $10 — yes, it's possible

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We use earbuds. We lose earbuds. We replace earbuds. Just like bobby pins and socks, this is just a fact of life. 

If you’re looking to stock up for the inevitable, you can get a solid pair in the RX18P Comfort-Fit In-Ear Headphones for just $8.99. Don’t let the price fool you; these are a great pair of headphones that fit comfortably in your ears and deliver great value.

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Questions About Drying Laundry, Blogging, Birthday Parties, Job Offers, and More!

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What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to summaries of five or fewer words. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question.
1. Is it time to retire?
2. Money for parties at work
3. Boyfriend kicked me out
4. Great job offer… but scared
5. Dental plans for self-employed
6. Laundry drying strategy
7. Cheap children’s birthday parties
8. Finding people dedicated to saving
9. Starting a free blog
10. Exit interview questions
11. Ending credit card dependence
12. Different writers

My latest frugal experiment is to try to figure out a low-cost balm to use after shaving. For many years, I have applied a small amount of Nivea after-shave balm to my cheeks. A single bottle lasts for a long time, so I don’t think it’s a big expense, but I was curious as to whether I could make something myself for less expense.

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Why You Should Invest In Singapore: The New Silicon Valley

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Singapore overtook Silicon Valley as the biggest startup location in the world. Long touted as one of the best business locations on the planet, a multitude of startups from the… Read more »

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