Small Business Internet Marketing Techniques

Small business Internet Marketing isn’t just advertising anymore. It used to consist of purchasing ads in various places, and then purchasing specific types of ads, when the Internet exploded. Now the difference between advertising and marketing has become very clear. Advertising is something you do that’s very passive. Yes, you’ll use specific language in any advertising space you purchase to try to entice people to click and buy, but once you’ve put the ad in place, it’s there and it’s not going to change. Even pay-per-click advertising falls into this more passive category.

But with many of the techniques of small business Internet Marketing, the things you do are far from passive. Marketing is not static, but dynamic. If you search engine optimize your website, that might seem passive because once you do it, it’s done. But that’s not true. As you add new pages to your website, you do more tweaking and changing. You’ll use new keywords and different keywords in different areas. Sure, if you use banner ads you’ll change them from time to time, but it’s still much more static that almost any other type of marketing you can do.

And unless you have a huge advertising budget, those static ads like banners and pay-per-clicks probably aren’t going to garner you many sales. It’s the dynamic methods of small business internet marketing that are going to bring people to your website and keep them coming back. And when they keep coming back, they’re once again faced with the things you offer. It can take a person 6 or 7 times seeing an offer before they’re inclined to buy, so the more you get them at your website, seeing your products and services, the more likely it is you’ll make a paying customer out of them.

The most efficient, active method of small business Internet Marketing that’s guaranteed to let you make frequent contact with your target market is an opt-in mailing list. You can offer some information, a discount, or an ongoing thing like a 5-day course in something relevant to your site to get people to sign up for the mailing list. Once they’ve done that, you have their permission to send emails that will contain links and sales language designed to get them to go to your website and buy.

You won’t want to just start sending ads every day. Come up with something that the people who found your website were probably looking for. If your small business Internet Marketing plan makes it likely that people will come across your website when looking for ways to keep aphids off of houseplants, for instance, then offer a 3- 5- or 7- day email “course” about how take care of African violets or how to keep houseplants healthy in less than ideal conditions.

Give them something of value, and they’ll give you permission to contact them. Once you have that permission, good marketing will include emails that contain not just ads, but content to remind them what a valuable resource your business is.

5 Tips to Success with Internet Marketing Products

There are so many Internet Marketing products available today, from methods and systems to teach people how to make money to scripts and software that help speed up the process.

However, just like with any other information product, not everything is as good as the sales page may make it out to be. Or, in some cases, it just isn’t a good fit with the person buying it. If you have decided to invest in Internet Marketing products then try and keep the following tips in mind.

1. Who is the author? Before you buy, try and dig a little deeper to find out who the author of the book, system or method is. This is not as important with scripts and software, but with information products it’s good to know who you are buying from.

Unfortunately, the Internet has allowed many to make money without actually having any knowledge of what they are writing about and this doesn’t bode well for anyone buying a new money making system.

2. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. If internet marketing products promise you that you can make $5,000 in the next 50 minutes, you would likely not believe it. Then why would you believe an internet marketing product that says you can make $10,000 in a month, even if the time span is longer?

Remember that Internet Marketing is essentially a business and a business can take quite a bit of time before it becomes profitable, so be patient.

3. Don’t give in to your emotions. Sometimes you want to believe in something so much that you overlook the cold, hard facts that are screaming at you that it is impossible for all these Internet Marketing products to deliver on their promises.

Yet, here you are putting your PayPal information in again to buy the latest shiny toy, even though you probably have a hard drive full of products you have never read.

4. Take action. This is one of the biggest problems in Internet Marketing today. People buy so many systems but never implement even one. They keep on looking for the Holy Grail without actually putting in the work to see whether or not they already have it in their grasp.

They jump from product to product, with no clear goal in sight hoping they will find that one product where they can push a button and their PayPal will receive money automatically. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that and you still need to put some work in. All the Internet Marketing products out there combined will not make you money if you do not put the work in.

5. Give it time. Just like with a diet, Internet Marketing products and the systems they offer need a little time. By their very nature, search engines take time before they rank a site and you are tempted to scrap a system within 24 hours of trying it because it doesn’t work.

Remember that you need to give anything a chance for at least 30 days – usually more – to really judge how effective it is.

5 Tips for Internet Marketing – Make It Profitable

Internet marketing is a buzzword that encompasses all aspects of promoting products and services online. While there are plenty of different ways to do it, they all boil down to a few simple things. Knowing these things will help you to see better results. With that in mind here are five internet marketing tips to help you make the most of your efforts.

1. People are people. Sure, internet marketing is, in large part, a numbers game. However, numbers and data do not spend money; people do. This means you have to connect with people on a human level. You also need to treat them with respect at all times and remember they are, indeed, people. They will respond in kind and be more likely to take advantage of whatever you’re offering.

2. Numbers do matter. Okay, time to get off the proverbial soapbox. People are people, but numbers are important. Hey, if you could just make money by being nice, the world would be filled with a lot more millionaires. Track your numbers. Which numbers? That’s really up to you, but there is an old business adage that says “if it can be measured, it can be improved”. That’s the power of numbers.

3. Have a plan. You may have heard that you need to draw up some sort of multi-page, in depth, complete business plan; complete with table of contents, index and footnotes. While you may need such a plan if you are looking for outside investors, you don’t really need that kind of plan for most internet marketing businesses. Just having a plan–any plan–will help to keep you on the right path, and eventually arrive at your desired target.

4. Test and track. These three little words hold a vast amount of profit potential in internet marketing. One way to do this is known as split testing. To do this, you put up two versions of the same thing, but with a small change between the two. Then you set it up in a way so you can tell which one gets the better results. Then repeat the process, with the better of the two always becoming the new benchmark for the next split test. Testing and tracking takes a bit of time, but as time goes on you will see a steady improvement. I like to use ClickMagick.

5. Enjoy yourself. This internet marketing tip is just as important as the others. All too often, we get hung up on things that don’t really matter in the bigger scheme of things. When that happens we tend to get frustrated and stressed out. There will be times when things don’t seem all that easy. When that happens, remind yourself that you are doing something amazing…you are an internet marketer!

Following these few simple internet marketing tips will help your business do better. Of course, just reading them once won’t do any good. It’s up to you to actually follow through and make them happen.

What is Financial Freedom Anyway?

A personal observation of what exactly financial freedom looks like…
1. Having enough assets and wealth so that the passive income I receive will meet ALL MY NEEDS so that I NEVER NEED do a MINUTE OF WORK if I don’t want to.

2. Earning income from opportunities that genuinely interest me, and being comfortable in saying NO to anything else.

3. Having TIME freedom – being able to arrange my lifestyle to suit ME and MY FAMILY.

4. Collaborating with people I choose, and not dealing with people/opportunities I don’t want to deal with.

5. Being free of any PRESSURE – other than what I impose on myself to attain my goals.

6. Not worrying or caring about what OTHERS THINK of me or whom I might offend.

7. Possessing the ability to create income AT WILL, through Internet Marketing, NOT MANUAL LABOR…to transcend any one business, product, service, non-profit, charitable or political cause.

8. Being THANKFUL and at PEACE for having achieved a lifestyle in which money is NO LONGER AN ISSUE, and giving back in a manner that I so choose.

These aspects are what I believe make up a person who is financially free. And although I not there yet, these principles are what will guide me in my journey to the day where I AM FINALLY FREE.

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