16 best tweets of the week, including Thicken Nugget, male fridge, and Pentagon Subway

Sourced from https://mashable.com/article/tweets-of-the-week-june-25

Good posts! We got 'em!

Look out: June is almost done. We’re through another week in summertime, which seem to pass faster than weeks in other seasons but…oh well.

We celebrate the week’s end in a particular way around here: We collect good tweets. It’s nice to have a laugh or two as the weekend kicks off. And this was an especially good week for funny tweets, thankfully.

So, please, enjoy the 16 best tweets of the week.

1. His head would absolutely blast off into outer space
Tweet may have been deleted

2. Thicken. Nugget.

CARD ID: 548018

3. Every man has lived like this. Every last one.
Tweet may have been deleted

4. Beautiful observation

CARD ID: 548020

5. What a beautiful few months we had, though
Tweet may have been deleted

6. …It was only a kiss, right?

CARD ID: 548022

7. From this point forward, I will be calling a hole a sh… Read More

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