15 innovative cleaning gadgets on sale for Labor Day

Sourced from https://mashable.com/shopping/sept-6-labor-day-cleaning-tech-sales/

15 innovative cleaning gadgets on sale for Labor Day

If you’re like most people, your extended time at home has made your humble abode a hot mess. Given how we do pretty much everything inside these days — from online workouts to working to cooking experiments — it’s understandable that our homes have become disasters.

Luckily, there are some cleaning tools and accessories that can help you out. Take advantage of these Labor Day sales to bring home some next-level cleaning devices on the cheap. Don’t forget to enter the code GOFORIT15 to enjoy your 15% off on all items. (Prices here reflect the promo code.)

Sonic Dot: Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ideal for making your personal belongings sparkle, the Sonic Dot is an ultrasonic cleaner that produces cavitation bubbles to clean at the microscopic level. Whether you’re washing clothes, personal hygiene tools, t… Read More

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