14 Ways to Build a Cost-Efficient Home

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A frequent reader of The Simple Dollar named Jim recently shared a really thought-provoking question about building a home:

A recent question about LED bulbs made me wonder — if you were buying a new house, or building it, what materials or features would you include “from the ground up” to maximize saving money? LED light bulbs, solar panels (depending on location), presence of ceiling fans in every room, efficient washer/dryer — what else would you add?

First of all, we need to make some assumptions about the question.

This is a home you’ll stay in for a long time. You should be building this house with the intent of living there for at least 20 years, and probably a lot more than that. If you’re not, a lot of these up-front investments don’t make a whole lot of sense. If you intend to move in 10 years, investing in something that won’t pay off in 10 years isn’t a good idea.
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