10 Things You Won’t Find on a Credit Report

Sourced from https://www.thesimpledollar.com/10-things-you-wont-find-on-a-credit-report/

Your credit reports can tell lenders a lot about you. Credit reports reveal how you pay your bills, whether on-time or late. They also indicate how you manage your credit card accounts, such as whether you’re paying off the balance each month or revolving debt. And, your credit reports even show how often you’ve applied for new credit in the past 24 months.

Of course, not everything about you will be included in your credit reports. Certain information isn’t allowed to be included on a credit report because of federal law. Other information isn’t on your credit reports by a matter of choice. Here are 10 pieces of information you won’t find on your credit reports.

Credit Scores (Yes, Really)

While the information in your credit report is used to compute your credit score, and though you or a lender may often purchase a credit report and a score together, your credit scores are not actually a part of your credit reports. Instead, credit scores … Read More

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