10 Places Where You Can Find Online Therapist Jobs

Sourced from https://ivetriedthat.com/online-therapist-jobs/

Online therapist jobs have been put in the spotlight this year, thanks to Covid19 and lockdowns all over the world. People who have traditionally been visiting their therapists now have to do it completely online via Zoom or other video-chat tools. But did you know that online therapists have been helping people with their personal issues for years? (Yes, I even discussed online counseling a few years back.)

Aside from studies (like this and this) showing the benefits of online therapy to patients, it is also beneficial to therapists because:

The location wouldn’t be a problem anymore, and you would be able to accept patients from all over the country or even from other parts of the world.
Studies have shown that therapists spend about 10% less time with online sessions, which means they can accommodate more patients
The cost of online therapy is a lot lesser than face-to-face sessions
Online therapies encourage more patients to seek help because of the lower fees,… Read More

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